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  1. 3.6Ghz with a stock cooler? What were your temperatures like under load?
  2. So I don't need to offset the voltage at all? I can straight up change the BCLK to 150 without any tinkering of frequencies and voltages? I added a couple of pictures of my BIOS for you guys to have a look at . I will definetly be checking out alot of other threads on the i7 920. I might just need to buy a cooler, hopefully it doesn't come to that but I'll post something here if I'm searching for one. Thanks for all the help guys, this is my first OC so all of this is much appreciated.
  3. I just ran prime95 for 10 minutes, my idle temperatures were in the low 30's, however during the test...not so good! Attached is the temperature at idle and during a load.
  4. I'm ready to overclock my i7 920. I have a couple of questions before I begin, hopefully somebody can help me out! 1)I'm going to OC from 2.66 --> 3.0/3.2 Ghz (I'm leaning on a simple 3.0Ghz) . My Vcore is currently set at 1.264 volts. If I'm overclocking to 3.0/3.2, how much additional voltage am I going to need to feed to the CPU? I can offset the voltage by +20 mV , + 40mV and so on. 2)I'm running an air cooling system. Do you think it is sufficient for a 3.2 Ghz overclock? Am I thermally limited at 3.2Ghz? I'm at odds with Dell in determining my what kind of air cooling system I have, so I attached some pictures of it!
  5. Hello, I've seen those two videos before, the problem is the BIOS in that tutorial is different from mine. Also they are OCing the i7 940, I'm not sure if my defualt voltage/current would be the same as theirs since im coming from all the way from 2.66Ghz.
  6. I know Dell and overclock are two words usually not found in the same sentence but the XPS 730x has an unlocked BIOS. I've been looking to overclock the xps 730x but can't find a single guide on how to do it (I'm new to overclocking). Does anybody have any suggestions or knowledge in dealing with this system?
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