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  1. Well, since you guys helped me so much on my last topic asking for help, here I am again o/ Well I'm upgrading my mobo and processor, I'm about to buy a Phenom II x4 925 or 940, and I'm between two boards: the ASUS M2N68-AM SE2 and the ECS A780GM-A. the first one is about $118 and the second one, $76. As far as I know, both supports the phenom II with a bios upgrade. Which one you guys thinks would be better?or if anyone have a suggestion, I could consider after checking the prices here in Brazil :thumbs-up:
  2. lol dude, your post make my day. haven't laugh like that in ages lol anyways I bought the 5770, will try to OC it someday. thanks for everyone replies.
  3. nice. thanks a lot for all the replies. Just a las question: I never overclocked anything before lol any tutorial or way to do it in a easy way with minimum risks?
  4. I live in Brazil. That explains the salty prices I use Windows 7 o/ I was reading some benchmarks but they didn't helped a lot. In some of them the 5770 is way below the 4890, and on others it's pretty close. Damn, what a hard choice when I bought the 4850, it was much easier to choose lol
  5. The 5770 is costing $295 and the 4890 is about $344 where I live. That put aside, the difference in gaming would be too brutal? Some sites say the 4890 is waaaaay better than the 5770, others say the difference is too small to bother. I know it's pretty much my call, but just to know that if I pick one or the other, would it be like trading 100 for 10, or more like 100 for 90.
  6. Well, hello everybody. I have a HD 4850 Dual Slot 512mb, and I was thinking about upgrading. I was sure about getting a 5770, but I read some sites where it states that a 4890 is much better than it, so I dunno which one to get So, which one you guys think it's a better deal? Would I losse too much performance if I get the 5770 over the 4890? Oh, I play at 1600x900(20' wide screen)
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