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  1. Thanks for the quick replies, guys. Although I agree that my rig is a bit underpowered, it expected at least 30-40 fps with the games on a 1072x768 or 1280x1024 resolution. Guess I'll have to settle for 30 average fps on JC2 and Crysis.
  2. Hey, guys. I'm fairly new to the OCClub community and to a lot of the jargon you guys use here, so I'd appreciate it if you could answer in a way that an amateur 16-year old PC gaming enthusiast would understand. So, I have a Palit GeForce GTS 250 1GB GDDR3 Green Edition video card hooked up to my K9A Platinum AM2 RD580 Crossfire-ready (which has an ATI chipset) MOBO with an AMD Athlon X2 5000+ 2.6 Ghz processor with Windows 7 64-bit installed. I have a 1280x1024 LCD monitor hooked up to my rig. The problem is that I have inconsistent in-game framerates depending on the game. For example, DMC4 runs on an average of 80 FPS with x16CQAA and with all the settings maxed (except for V-sync). The Supreme Commander games (1, FA, and 2) never drop below 50 fps with all settings maxed and x16CQAA on, too. But games like Crysis Warhead, Just Cause 2, Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Metro 2033 struggle to get above 30-40 fps on more modest settings (in 1280x1024 res). I know from benchmarks and youtube videos that my system should be more than enough to handle those games in their highest settings without lag. I can see plants popping up in Crysis (1072x768 resolution, 0xAA, Gamer settings) while it gives me an average of 35 fps. I had to set JC2 to the lowest settings possible to be able to play in the city environment (29 fps average). The framerates in BF:BC2 and Metro 2033 can go as high as 80 fps to as low as 10fps depending on where I look on-screen. I have the latest Nvidia drivers installed (197.13). The PSU isn't the problem, as it is a 550W unit, more than enough to power the whole setup. I haven't encountered any BSOD's, auto-system shutdowns, GPU overheating, processor overheating, and/or any other system failures relating to power supply and hardware malfunctions. There are no viruses, trojans and/or spywares installed on my computer, as Avast! has detected none during my full system scan three hours ago. I've flashed my MOBO bios to the latest version (1.9, Feb. 2010). While playing, my Athlon X2 5000+ has a peak of 73% (seen in task manager), so I assume it's not a processor bottleneck. My card's specs: GeForce GTS 250 Driver Version: 197.13 CUDA Cores (I assume that these are my shader cores): 128 Core Clock: 702 Mhz Shader Clock: 1512 Mhz Memory Clock: 900 Mhz (1800 Mhz data rate) Memory Interface: 256-bit Dedicated Video Memory: 1024 MB Oh, and it's inserted into the MOBO's PCI-e x16 bus, not into a PCI-e 2.0 bus, as the K9A Platinum does not support PCI-e 2.0. Any ideas?
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