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    Sabertooth X58 with 17 950 @ 4.1ghz, 1.28V
    powercooler 5870 PCS+ oc to 950/1280
    10 TB drives with 1tb cabiar black main drive
    8 gb hyperx blue memory
    intel pro PT 1000 dual port lan card
    Creative X-FI fatality titanium
    Corshair HX 850 psu
    HAF 922 case
  1. Hmmm this is rather anoying, it's not working and i deleted everything that had something to do with the program, well i guess i'll just have to reformat the pc. Well thanks for your help, i learned much by looking into this regestry stuff!! muchas gracias
  2. Ok thanks for the info i will try this and post my results!
  3. Thank you for your the answers i have tried revo drive and ccleaner and other regestry cleaning programs, so i will try to change the regestries manually but once the regedit open open where do i go to clean any ideas ? thx again
  4. Hello everyone, I have been for an hour now trying to install cyberlink power director 9 and i previously had the 7.0 instaled. My problem when trying to uninstall the 7.0 or install the 9.0 for that matter is that i get this message: "Error 1324.The path Program Files (x86) contains an invalid character." and i only have this problem with this program and no others. I have been looking on may forums and i haven't found a solutionto this problem yet. So if any of you guys/girls have any ideas they would be greatly apreceated! thx beforehad chris
  5. just cracked 24500 i got 24873 3dmarks!! my rig: i7 950 4.01 ghz 5870 oc to 940 on core and 1275 on memory x58 sabertooth mobo
  6. well which every board i get it seems that they all want to overclock more or less anyways, and of course the chip has a big part int the overclocking ability thus the reason why im going for the 950 and not 920 vor 930 or 940! and wether it oc s to 4.1 or 4.9 as long as i can get it as high of the lesser of the two im happy! and i do thing that the X58 SABERTOOTH is a great card since i dont really count on oc the memory to much because i havent really noticed much of a difference!\.
  7. ya i had a gigabyte 790fxta-ud5 and fried it to so ikinda wanted to avoid gigabyte, and anyways i have an asus (crosshair IV) now and it works fine, but i wanna upgrade to a real cpu and use the amd for a server!!
  8. ya but i have like 5 hard drives.... so putting everything in the shared files kinda sucks...!
  9. hello i am haing a hard time with my networki have a netgear GS108 and i can share files between the two computers on the switch but not the other pc's in the house. they are all under widows 7 ultimate. i can only access the public folders... please help!!!
  10. i was going to limit myself to about 4ghz which is more power than most games will ever need since i dont really do any encoding or stuff like that! il check those mobos! i get the i7 950 for 230 dollars and the 930 for 200 so which one should i go for ?
  11. ok thx everybody ill check all those mother boards and check the specs, and i guess that gigbyte ud3 sounds pretty interesting, so does the msi! ill check them all out! thx for the mobo help and for the cpu du o think it is worth going for the i7 950? or should i downgrade then overclock more?
  12. Hello everyone, i am soon going to upgrade my PC, or more like changing it, i was thinking about a i7 950 and asus rampage 3 extreme for some big a** overclocking! so basically i'd like some point of views and if anyone hase any other cpu mobo ideas go for it and tell me!! thx beforehand!
  13. ill take that ram thin into consideration but i have he low profile hyperx memory modules so they should fit under it !
  14. thanks for the help, and i prefered the noctua since i already have the model under that one! thx for the help!
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