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  1. Nyt, looks like you have some catching up to do!
  2. I just have to have music on and some iced tea. I can go through a gallon in a day, and I drink without realizing it some times. I found I cannot work well if it is too quiet, but I can't stand random noises, so music works perfectly!
  3. zackhaf


    I have to be honest, thats all I was thinking about while reading the post! hahaha Unfortunately I have zero experience with Handbrake, I am actually looking into it myself.
  4. I was helping out during an open house for our mechanical engineering department. One of the parents asked if a netbook was enough of a computer for engineering......a NETBOOK
  5. zackhaf

    Gaming: Then vs Now

    I agree 100%!!! I may be one of the few within my friends that will actually play through a whole campaign/ story. I think it says a lot about the game, and it is honestly one of the points I think about when i buy a game. (may be the reason I dont like the COD games too much) I also think multiplayer is much better in person. Its definitely harder when you know everyone playing is checking out the other screens, whether they say so or not!
  6. I figured it would be cheaper that way.
  7. Yeah, just the keys. I have a lamp set up so i can see the keys from the glare difference! I was thinking about selling it and getting the silver version, wont be too much price difference hopefully. And i am not wanting to pay a lot more just to have LEDs.
  8. Well, it was a gift, so i can't complain too much
  9. zackhaf

    Mac Vs. PC

    Choosing between a mac and a dell....atleast put a GOOD PC up for choice!
  10. They don't sell keys for the keyboard I have I like it, but its difficult when I am going back and forth between the typing and writing and all the other stuff I do at the same time.
  11. I was wondering if anyone may know of a way to swap keys and perhaps where to buy said keys from? I have the black on black Razer Arctosa, I quite like it, but its a bit difficult to see the keys at times.
  12. 27+ GB. Definitely a lot of RAW files, plus all of those touched up in Photoshop. All backed up on 2 external 1TB drives
  13. There is the option to go to a typical desktop layout. " If you absolutely loathe Metro apps, you can spend all of your time in the desktop section of the OS, with the exception of your lock screen and Start Screen." HERE Its under the desktop section in the article. However, it is stated that there may be no reason to switch to Win 8 if you don't like the MetroUI, as Win 7 isn't going away any time soon.
  14. I have windows 7 on the laptop currently. Would be best to do a fresh install? I have the HP recovery discs from the current laptop, I assume those are all i will need, plus the additional programs and files, etc.. The want to clone-n-go is mostly because I thought it would be faster. I don't have many programs, but the ones I do take a long while to install as they are quite large in size. I have all additional files continuously backed up, so that's not an issue.
  15. I found this kit from bestbuy, just because it would be the fastest way to get it, and not too expensive. Is this any good for my situation?
  16. I think it would look a little odd being completely in focus. I prefer the "natural" look without a ton of editing
  17. The drive i purchased is a Kingston 128GB SSD now 200, but its just a bare drive, no extra anything really. Is there a way to get that software online, or dos it have to be purchased as the kit?
  18. So I got a new SSD with the idea of putting it into my desktop, but I think it would be better off in the laptop for now. I have a few questions regarding the transfer of the OS/programs/files from the current HDD to the new SSD. 1. Is there a problem going from a 640GB drive (current) to a 128GB ssd? 2. What program do I need to handle this/ how do i go about this? I would prefer not to have to perform a clean install of the OS and programs, but that is always an option i guess. Thanks!
  19. Thanks for the help. I got it all set up and running just fine. The set up is meant for engineering applications, but Im pretty sure its overkill for most things. Its got a 2600k, MSI 560Ti, and ASRock Fata1ty board
  20. My main concern is setting it up right the first time. Since it is not my rig, I wont have access to it all the time, and Im not sure how much of this will be done by my friend once i pass it along. I know he would much prefer it to "just work" and not have to worry about any complicated settings. From what I gather, installing Win 7 will take care of most of that, and then disable the hibernation feature. Do i need to mess with the sleep settings, or is hibernation the only thing?
  21. So I have recommended a friend on what components to buy for a new computer. The storage will be OS on a crucial m4 128GB, with a 1TB HDD for all other data (pics, movies...) My question is : What kind of tweaks or settings do I have to do within Win 7 to make sure everything runs properly? I know that I can just put the OS on the SSD and use the other for just files, but I have also heard a few things that the SSD does not "like", such as temp files and things of that nature. Any help is greatly appreciated!
  22. I had an engineering problem in a class (heat transfer) and it was water cooling a computer chip. The prof looked at the problem and exclaimed "This must be one of those fancy supercomputers, it has water cooling!"
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