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  1. The specs for the new system are actually in my signature. I've not really set my mind to any serious mods on the case - then again, a nice paint job isn't out of the question. Or maybe even get it powder coated like they are doing to some cases these days..I always liked shiny things... Seeing as blue is sort of overdone, IMO - This one will be green leds, cathodes etc. I had been a little worried that I was cramming too much into the case, but from what i've been reading - it's basically a full tower on it's side. And I love the fact that the heat exhausts up in the Fortress 02 rather than up through all the components. I guess when I get this project put together, I'll have to make a new post and start learning about this overclocking "thing". And I do go overboard, Sting 917X2 mean anything? That was my old laptop, affectionately renamed "The Lap furnace". I'm only going half as overboard this time, and never buy a high performance laptop, at least that's my thought on the matter. -SERANI
  2. Nemo - you live in one awesome city man. One of my 2 favorite places on earth is in Franklin, TN. The Bunganut pig!!!!!!!
  3. My name was the first "real" character I started in EQ1 Test Server. After surviving "The Wipe" as we grew to call it, some friends and I try and always use the same name - sort of wear them like badges of honor. I don't put nearly as much thought into it anymore, but just about anywhere i've gone I've managed to use the name (or added an x, in the cases someone else stole my name!) /Mourn Noodles Now ya know =) -SERANI Mezzemall
  4. Richard, I wish you had been around when I still had the Sequential Circuits Prophet 3000. You could have told me what I had, but she's gone now. On to Win7 and Aardvark - Win7 Ultimate or maybe Pro has XP mode as well, I believe. As for running it natively in Win7, that probably depends. "Some" editing software runs in 7 and some doesn't (at least that's what i've been hearing lately). All the studio's I was using in Nashville used gear that was well beyond what I could think about affording and I quit drooling right about the time i saw the Neve. I'll see if I can't find something for you. -SERANI
  5. Stopping in to say hello, and hoping to learn a thing or two along the way. Or just a good solid overclock on an I7 930, nah I could shoot a little higher than that. I'm in the midst of building my once every 5 or 6 years rig, I think I'm going a tad overboard for this one - but it's gonna be pretty whe she's done! (And clocking around 3.8 or 4) And that's about that. -SERANI
  6. Ok so I'm new to OCC, but I'm about to order my parts for the new system and wonder if anyone had some insight into what I'm looking to go with? Case - Silverstone Fortress 02-W (This is a point of contention, everyone uses the antec 1200 lately - I don't wanna be "that" guy) PSU - Corsair 1000w Motherboard - ASUS P6x58D RAM - Corsair Dominator 12gb DDR3 1800 (may opt to go with 6, not 100% certain) Video cards - Sapphire 5870's in Crossfire CPU - I7 930 Cooler - Megahalems (Push pull Noctua's) I think that's the pertinent information. If I look to overclock the 930 to 4ghz ish - is this a good set up to do it with? I've heard someone say the think for this sort of set up that a 1200 would be the route to take, but I think I like the air exhausting through the top and not going through all the components) And I know some of this build is overkill, but I don't build a new PC very often so it's got to last me a while.
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