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  1. Alright guys, here's an update... First thanks for all the insight. I think I've come up with a solution that works alright. What we ended up doing was putting 500 ohms of resistance between the base on the transistor and the audio source and we also used an audio isolation transformer. The distortion is gone, and it seems to make sense that it's not going to screw up my audio card. I can post the updated schematics if anyone want to try this out. Here's a few photos, a crappy one of the circuit board, the final box, and the remote LEDs.
  2. My roommate and I got bored and decided to do something with my surplus LEDs. After searching around the internets, we landed on the idea of making them light up with some audio source--specifically music from a computer or mp3 player. We essentially followed this guide, only changing exactly how many LEDs are used and what color they are. Somehow, we actually got it to work, and work quite well. The problem was that is was distorting the audio and that was really annoying. My roommate's Circuits teacher said that our setup is trying to pull too much current and might blow the soundcard/ipod/audiosource. I wish I could explain what the problem is a little better, but I don't fully understand it other than it's not good and involves the drawing of too much current. I'm wondering if any of you folks can see something wrong with the diagram the guy has on his website that would cause this and give possible solutions. Here's a video of it working behind my monitor while I play Auidosurf before I knew that it could be causing problems. Thanks!
  3. I disagree. It'd be great for photo/video editing and anything else that takes advantage of dual+ monitor setups. But it might be a pain to find a background for it.
  4. It's DLP-based, not CRT or LCD. ...it's the mirrors. Toms Hardware video
  5. I'd rather just watch the naked babe for an hour and a half...
  6. I've been playing the demo with my roommate over a LAN connection and it's running quite well for us. Does anyone know if there's a timedemo like the old UT demos used to have? It'd be nice to run some benchmarks.
  7. gunak87

    Halo 3

    I just sent you a friend request. I don't know how to join you specific campaign, though. It says your party is not joinable. My gamertag is gunak.
  8. It's fine to back up the DRM protected files. Just make sure she deactivates the PC before getting rid of the hard drive and re-installing whatever operating system.
  9. 7-zip should be able to handle those files. 7-zip.org
  10. If you want to cheat a little bit, use XAMPP for Apache, MySQL, and PHP. It's hella easy to set up.
  11. You can mix RAM from different manufacturers about 99% of the time with little to no problems. If they are different speeds, then the faster RAM will be knocked down to the speed of the slower RAM.
  12. If you're perfectly happy with what you've got, then I don't suggest upgrading. However, there is a trial of the student and teacher version. Give that a try. Download it here.
  13. That looks about right on for your setup. My single hard drive does about 50MB/s and your rig is doing about twice that.
  14. I've used an anti-static wrist strap once in my life. It was really annoying so I said screw it. You'll be fine if you just touch an unpainted metal part of your case before you get to working on it. Just don't run around in socks while combing your hair with your CPU.
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