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    AMD Phenom 945 Quad Core 3.0GHz (3.64Ghz)
    8 GB 1866 GSkill Ripjaws DDR3
    Gigabyte 990FXA UD3
    GeForce GTX 460
    Corsair 550W PSU
    Swiftech H220 HD Edge
    Corsair 540 Air Case
    Win 7 64
  1. I am a definite IPA fan. My two favorites are probably Avery's Maharajah and Upslope IPA. If you are an IPA fan the Upslope is the most fantastic blending of malts and hops; both present and noticeable yet both very distinct, as though they were separated. I also like some of the amber ales and for a chewier beer I would recommend Avery's "The Reverend". a Belgium style quadruple ale. For lighter beers I like Heifeweizens with Leinenkugles Sunset Wheat as my favorite. Sorry about those spellings; I know they are wrong but I've had some beer tonight and don't feel like looking them up.
  2. CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 945 RAM: 8 GB 1600 Mushkin Ram MB : Gigabyte 990FXA UD3 VGC: GeForce GTX 460 PSU: Corsair 550W PSU Cooler: ECO ALC (Noctua NP-F12 X 2) Case: InWin Dragonrider HDD: 500 GB Samsung Spinpoint F3 OS: Win 7 64 Monitor: Samsung 23" (I think the model is a 2333) Country: United States (HHHmmm, should have looked at the post before mine. Texas it is.)
  3. There might be some suspension tweaks you can make that would transfer more weight to the rear in acceleration situations. You might think about joining a Mustang forum. Just like here you could benefit from the experience of others.
  4. How about a "Ringworld" MMO? But no Pak class. HHHMMMM' that brings up an interesting concept. RTS where you pick a Ringworld race and become Pak.
  5. If you could come up with a frame for it for around three or four grand I could set you up with a contoured seating system from this company. "Spacer" fabric upholstery which allows for air flow in conjunction with the air holes in the seating would help to prevent moisture buildup. A gel overlay could also be added that would help to prevent shear when you have been gaming for hours. Or would that be a bit much?
  6. Robert A. Heinlein has been one of my favorite authors since I was 10 or 11. I was so excited when I heard they were making Starship Troopers into a movie and then greatly disappointed when they made such a travesty of Heinlein's book. It was an entertaining flick but was totally off base from the ideas and concepts in the book. If they remake it following the book much more closely, hopefully as close as they did when the made The Puppetmasters, then it will be worth watching.
  7. Noctua has released the fans they showcased at one of the recent shows. Link to the site is here. Static pressure looks nice.
  8. At the moment the only Corsair product I have is a 550VX. Started reading how a fried power supply can toast other components and started getting paranoid. Now I'm not so paranoid. I've been eyeballing the H100 for a while; may decide to get one of those in the near future and would definitely consider other Corsair products as well. Too many give Corsair praise for it to be just hot air.
  9. Ok I've been playing a bit and have gotten to the settings below. Prime95 for 12 hours top temp was 48C (ambient is usually 21 - 23 c) . CPU: Mult.= 14 FSB= 260 3.64Ghz 1.45v CPU NB: Mult.= 10 2600 Ht: Mult.=8 2080 Mem: X5.33 1385 1.65v 7 7 7 20 2T ( manualy set) CPU NB Vid: 1.375v Maybe I'm missing something in my BIOS but I do not see an option for HTT. There is the HT Frequency but if I raise the multi for it any more it goes above 2300 and my reading says it doesn't need to go above 2200. If I raise the multi on the ram it goes above 1600. Would running the ram higher than 1600 burn out the IMC on the processor? I found a couple of references that said it would but could not find anything in depth or more concrete concerning the IMC.
  10. Well something strange has happened. Didn't sleep well last night and was so groggy this morning I forgot to run prime. At night I put my pc to sleep and when I got in this afternoon I went to wake it up and it blue screened. I had to clear the cmos so I'm gonna start over. I'm a bit more comfortable whit this now so I'm just gonna take my time. I will post again when I have it dialed in again and then we'll see if there is anything that can be fine tuned. In the mean time I have a question. My ram is rated at 1600 with timings of 9 9 9 24 2t 1.65v. At the moment I am going to leave the ram at these timings but drop it down so that I don't exceed the 1333 speed of the cpu memory controller by very much. Once I have my pc overclocked stable do I need to work on bringing the timings down to match the speed I will be at?
  11. Ok, I took some pictures with my camera and uploaded them to photobucket. Hope I posted the right format, if not please let me know. I made the change to the NB Multiplyer so it is now at 2600. I will do a short stress this evening during my Sunday shows and if it passes I'll give it a full day run while I'm at work tomorrow. I appreciate you looking at this. I'm the kinda guy that has to fiddle with things hands on before it starts clicking in my head and I don't wanna fiddle this stuff into fritzing. Edits to post links correctly.
  12. The CPU-NB is set at a multiplyer of 9 with an FSB of 260 giving a frequency of 2340. If this isn't what you were asking please explain further; I may not have caught something with all the different settings in the bios.
  13. I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I've been reading the forums here for quite some time and since I'm working on my first overclock thought I would go ahead and post how it's going. Right now my system consists of an AMD 945 (the AM3 version, C2 I think), Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3, 8Gb Mushkin Blackline 1600), ECS GTX460, Corsair 550 (HX I think), ECO ALC. I ran an 11 hour prime95 yesterday while at work and it passed with no errors. I had the CPU voltage at 1.5 but decided to bring it down to 1.45 which has been doing fine so far ( I will let it run prime95 all day while at work Monday to be sure). So far the specs are as follows: CPU: Mult.= 14 FSB= 260 3.64Ghz 1.45v CPU NB: Mult.= 9 2340 Ht: Mult.=8 2080 Mem: X5.33 1385 1.65v 9 9 9 24 2T (Stock manualy set) CPU NB Vid: 1.375v When I primed while at work it never got above 51C. As stated above I will be giving it another all day run Monday but if that goes well is there anything I need to be doing to tweak any of the settings further? I'm not shooting for a faster OC, just want to dial things in a bit better if it's needed. Thinking maybe I might need to work on the RAM timings a bit since they are set for 1600 speed right now. Any advice or ideas would be greatly appreciated.
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