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    I like building custom computers and then playing games on them of course!! I love L4D and eating peanut m&m's LOL. I also race motocross in the summer and play paint ball. Do a lot of family events with my wife and now our new little daughter.
  1. Thats very cool! The one concern I have with the Z68 was ending up with a bottle neck after adding 3 cards as well as a 3 way raid 0. I am curious to see what happens when you add two or three cards with the X79 set up. Not that any games out there will put that to the test yet. LOL! Again very cool build!
  2. Yeah how do you like it and what do you have in the build.
  3. Thanks for the idea, I have not done much research on the 2011 socket yet but that is a good idea. Let me do some poking around today and see what I can find. Has anyone done a build with the X79 lately that would tell me how it went?
  4. The Maximus IV Extreme is a bit spendy but not out of range for this build. What is the over all user experience on this board? I need this thing to hold up for a few years. Originally I was leaning toward a Gigabyte board but I am not apposed to Asus. I like the speed on the pcie slots - 4 x PCIe 2.0 x16 (single @x16, dual @x8, triple @x8, x16, x16 ). I may need to overclock the CPU to keep up with 3 cards as well so the Maximus IV Extreme wold be a good idea for that.
  5. I am building a new gaming pc using socket 1155 with a Core i7-2600K and two GTX570's. I was thinking just a two way sli but on this build I might just go all out and try for 3 570's What do you think and what board would work best?
  6. WOW GURRRRRRR Think I just figured out my problem. Somehow my ram got set to 400mhz in the BIOS. Lets try 1066 again and see how that works!!
  7. Thank you for the quick reply. Just gave it the hardware look over, reseated ram, checked power plugs, video cards, hard drives etc. Doing a defrag and chkdsk and will try it our as soon as its done.
  8. We are at a 3 day annual LAN party in our area and my gaming computer is acting up!!! Go figure right.... Here is the problem it is loading games very slow and glitching during game play. No one else is having problems and they have a very fast network set up so I don't think it is a network issue. L4D2 is crashing and giving me an error saying something about buffer over flow. I don't remember the exact error... it was 4 in the morning when I finally gave up lol. here is my system PSU: TT Tough Power 750W Mobo: EVGA 680i CPU: Intel Q9500 Ram: 4Gb Kingston HyperX GPU: GTX260 SLI Drive: WD 160Gb x 3 Raid 0 Thank you!!!!!
  9. This was the results of a challenge I had to build a custom gaming computer in 4 days using parts I had on hand. Took a old antec case and gave it a mack-over, MSI mini atx board, Core 2 Duo E8500, 9800 GT, 4Gb PC2 6400, 250Gb WD Blue, 400W Antec Power Supply. It was something different that was fun to make. What do you think?
  10. Thanks, that's good to know, Would any one have some rough dimensions for it?
  11. This is my first round with a LGA 1366. Does anyone know if the holes for the cooler are the same spacing as the LGA 775 and LGA 1156? I have not found any solid info on google yet. I have the Big Water Thermaltake CL-W0075 to use on this build. I have some extra brackets but not sure if they will work. Thanks
  12. I use Rust-Oleum paint, its a oil base paint that works great for metal. I find that the prep work is the key factor for painting a case, a quick ounce over with some very light sand paper and then use rubbing alcohol on a clean shop towel to wipe it down. After cleaning it avoid touching any part of the case you will paint. I use two coats and let the first coat dry for 24 hours before applying the second. Also for a clean finish place a box or a sheet of plastic (with out touching the paint) over the painted parts while they dry. Keeps dust from accumulating on the wet paint. That's what works for me. Many other ways to make it work. I will get the finished pics up tonight.
  13. Just had to say good choice on the phenomII 740 and HD 4670. Good performance per dollar for a tight budget.
  14. 40mm fans (sold separately) LOL! I guess my friend did not buy the fans. http://www.acousticpc.com/silenx_hard_drive_silencer.html Any one ever see this before.
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