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  1. ok deleted last post because i was so mad... re mail theft, UPPS is being a pain in the ass about this, however Lancaster Archery Supply ( who i made the order with ) is being so cool the are reshipping the order.... how cool is that? it only took a Minuit on the phone with them... Lancaster Archery Supply just won my business.....

  2. when at Walmart today at 4am in the morning i was being watched by about 20 store staff. so why doing my shopping it was so hard not to fuck with them and boy i could of really fucked with them hard to, let me tel you.... so just because im shopping at a 24 hr store dose not min im a shoplifter ok... just mines im up nights.... lol so i get to the cashier and pull out about 500 bucks and then there is no one around me but the cashier. where did every one go i asked her god im a smart ass som...

  3. just sold the last parts to my old Pc good by old buddy and hello MONEY

  4. i just want to shot my bow damn it..... all good things come in time

  5. ppl say family is overrated, and can be a pain in the ass to deal with, say things like Jerry ur so lucky that you don't have to deal with the drama... i say let them go 20 plus yrs with out family and then see how they feel. some times no matter what im doing or who im with i feel so alone and like i cant fully trust any one, and for sure cant just them with my feelings... ok thats past on with my dailies

  6. Hmm just worked 17.5 hrs. Most nights I work 5 ( if you don't like what's u do, then why do it? )

  7. i find my self talking to my dog hi mickey how was ur day shit like that wth? ( looks at me with those big eyes and slobber dripping like he understands )

  8. Seem that today has been forgotten! fucking to Damn sad

  9. man i had to super glue Mickeys paw tonight! he cut it bad on some glass.. what a good buy he let me Dr him up with out a fight.....

  10. Damnit its already laundry day! No Grr

  11. Watching fire works in nth Scottsdale..

  12. Doing the one thing i hate most. laundry

    1. Onion


      Do my dishes, I'll do your laundry.

  13. Omg cant wait to my new compound bow gets here. Im so pumped ( Motive 6 baby )

  14. Bead Anchery vs Bowtech Assassin it never stops lmao

  15. im really thinking it would be good to get back in to Archery.. just trying to make sure its worth the 1000 bucks ill drop to to get stated......

  16. Was out in star valley and for Hit by a fucking speeding camera... Hmmm

  17. What's a road trip with sunflower seeds?

    1. bishop245


      a lot of littering or a very messy car :)

  18. On my way to Yuma. Got to love BMW

  19. its nice to see that metal hasn't died 2013 has some fucking good jams

  20. wow this PC is better then i could of hoped for.....

  21. Omg my new gaming pc started up on the first boot! Im not sure if im just that good or I got lucky. Lmfao

  22. Dan Williams i will miss you, and ty for helping me become a better man, yes u where not prefect and that's how you helped me the most. ( long story ) you did a lot of good and bad but that dose not matter any more.. where ever you are my the light be at ur back and all the worldly things be forgotten.....

  23. you know u been homeless and on the streets before when you think Beef Ravioli is better right out of the can! mmm mmm

  24. new pc coming soon.... omg yes

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