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  1. as far as bios settings, i guess i am a noob, but can you give me an example of what you are looking for? Try not to get too frustrated with me, while i tend to think of myself as pretty computer literate, OC'ing is new to me, so i never had a reason before to go into the bios.
  2. sorry didnt realize on this forum i didnt post my specs in my sig. MB: ASRock 890gx extreme 3 CPU: AMD phenom II X2 555 > unlocked to X4 B55 @ 3.6Ghz RAM: 2x 2Gb G.Skill 1600 CL9 NQ series @ 9-9-9-24 GPU: ubsing IGP for right now SSD: OCZ 32Gb Vertex (using for OS boot) HDD: WD 500Gb Caviar Blue (using for documents, etc) PSU: Antec Basique Series 550W modular Case: Antec 200 S
  3. what can i use to test ram stablility? prime95? memtest?
  4. should i lower the timings on my ram since i am lowering the frequency or should i let it at stock.
  5. one problem, and one that seems to be an issue around here, b/c it seems like i am alone in this, i use linux. Ubuntu 10.04 to be exact. and as so cpu-z and cpuid dont work in linux i did however find a program for linux called cpuid, but everywhere i read it seems this is more to help other programs gather information, not an actual program in and of itself. i have been reading a little about overclocking, i just figured i would start with the easiest way to do it, and that is with the multiplier, but now it would seem that i have gone as far as i can with just using the multiplier, atleast as far as rock hard stability goes.
  6. everything is at stock right now NB - 2000 mhz (1.2v) CPU - 18x 200 mhz= 3.6 ghz (1.35v) HT - Not sure actually because in the bios it just reads as auto... Ram - 1600 mhz 9-9-9-24 (1.5v) does that help more?
  7. so i have gotten a max stable over clock on my 555 (unlocked), with just using the multiplier, to 3.6Ghz. that is a 18x multiplier. stability determined by a minimum 6 hours of mprime (prime95 - i use linux so in linux its called mprime) stress test. any higher i am able to boot, but in a matter of seconds of turning on mprime, i get a black screen. equivalent of a blue screen i am guessing in windows. My temps are pretty good considering i am using stock cooling. the max out around 56C. My question is i guess from here where do i take it to get a better overclock. I should take it back down to stock and start increasing the NB frequency, correct?or should i start increasing the volts for the CPU, mind you can't increase volts too much as of now, not until i get better HSF atleast. any help is appreciated.
  8. Phenom X2 555 unlocked to X4 and slightly overclocked to 3.4Ghz 4 Gb of RAM Just was curious what my sytem could do with some pi calculations. i ran it at the most digits my systm could handle. which happened to be 256M digits. couldnt do 512M digits due to lack of RAM. anyway here are my results: Program : Schnell_Pi version 1.0, by Dominique Delande Computation of 268435444 digits of Pi Method used : Gauss-Brent-Salamin AGM Size of FFT : 32 M Physical memory used : ~ 2623532 K Disk memory used : ~ 0.00 Meg ------------------------------------------------------------ Computation run information : Start : Tue Apr 20 00:34:47 2010 End : Tue Apr 20 00:57:54 2010 Duration : 1387 seconds elapsed ============================================================ Total computation time : 1383.35 seconds ============================================================
  9. i thought it was weird because i was always told a 32 bit system wont recognize all 4 gb due to its limitations, it reads 3.7 because i have 256mb dedicated for my IGP... yet
  10. Try running "sudo sensors-detect" in the terminal and answer "y" (yes) to all the questions.
  11. I'm running stock fan right now, thats why i only ran benchmarks and no prime. i'm just messing around a little, so that way when i do decide to really start testing i have an idea of where to start
  12. i have just started overclocking my 555 BE unlocked to 4 cores and since i am just starting to overclock, never have before this, i was just messing with the multiplier trying to figure the max multi i could boot in. i got the multiplier up to 19.5 @ 3.9 Ghz. couldnt boot at 20x multiplier. did light benchmarking @ 3.9 nothing that would constitute stability test, atleast nothing extensive. but is this good for a start. from reading around it says to start with the multiplier and find your max boot.
  13. I have had this overclocked to 3.8Ghz easy with the turbo 30 built into my bios (boosts your system 30%). i tried it out just messing around, now i didnt leave it there long, a day maybe. but that setting also dropped my ram speeds from 1600 to 1066. I'm trying a modest overclock @ 3.4Ghz now, to see how she fares for extended use. will be bumping it slowly higher see what i can do on stock fan.
  14. Do you remove the cpu to do this? sorry new to tweaking my computer. always had a prebuilt computer so had no need for any of this, but now that i built my own, might as well tinker...because i can.
  15. well my room is the hottest in the house where i rent. Temps on a hot day with the central air on, my room is still mid 70'sF.
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