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  1. Its ok guys, i think im stuck with this 1366x768 Ah well, not to worry i'll just need to save up my pennies for a shiny new monitor
  2. Hi there, i would like to change my resolution from 1366x768 to something a little bigger such as 1920x1080, as it feels much better. But my taskbar, widgets and shortcuts dont all fit in Is there anyway i can change my resolution ? Not exactly to 1920x1080 but something close to it ? I have a Sharp Aquos 32" HDTV (no monitor as i dont have the space). If you need anymore details/screen dumps then let me know Thanks, Dario
  3. Yeah I'm sure that is why he is getting low FPS, i dont know if you could OC it a bit to give you a little gain ?
  4. i just played BF3 there and ran FRAPS to get myself a min max and avg. My minimum FPS was 34, My max FPS was 145 and my Avg was 92.22. i plat at 1366x768 at medium settings, with v-sync off. my rig is in my sig.
  5. I have a PS3 and XBOX 360 but i dont use my PS3 and i only use my Xbox for Forza 4 Other than that its my PC
  6. My score Single GTX570 @ 847MHz Core and 1694 MHz Shader
  7. Yeah i backup it up to my main PC
  8. I followed your order and this worked, thanks alot. I had 1 years worth of college work on that too so i would not of been happy if i lost it Once again, thanks you
  9. I only got the laptop at christmas, and i have plugged it into my pc and i cannot boot from it on the pc either
  10. I seem to be getting a message on boot up from my laptop, it says BOOT MGR IS MISSING, press CTRL ALT DEL to restart. I have changed nothing on the laptop, i shut it down last night, not moved it from my desk and went to turn it on today and i got this. Does anyone know how i can fix this ? thanks.
  11. dario_92

    Crysis 3

    I loved Crysis 2 so hopefully this will be better
  12. No, thanks for the offer though I am just going to wait it out i think unless the card makes my ears bleed at one point
  13. Yeah now that i think about it i am better waiting, i dont want to spend money on something that may cause me a few problems. Thanks for your help guys
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