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  1. Hey all. Have been experiencing system crash (freeze) with the display hanging. No forced to reboot occurs until I tap the button. Mem test 86 is going to be on in a few moments and I will edit the post if that changes things. The oddest thing is that the POST seems to hang after restarting from a freeze. This is before a "press delete for setup or f8 for boot menu" even appears, it will hang. The ram check and peripheral check goes through, but it doesn't skip over to the RAID check (none installed, just states that its checking), and doesn't boot into windows. ( normally ~4 seconds to the point where it begins to load windows). It will also combination, and complete the post, but hang on black screen, only to eventually load raid check and then freeze indefinitely (aka 10 min and I kicked it off) After leaving the system powered off and leaving it for 5 minutes, it seems to boot without issue aside from safe mode prompts. My main culprits here are 1) The relatively old motherboard 2) the RAM (test pending) 3) Hard drive [ RIG IN SIG] Powersupply is less than a year old and of good brand name. Videocard just got back from RMA, I figure they are non-issue. Thoughts? The other purpose of the post however is to ask what motherboard I would step upto. I plan to keep the the Phenom II x4 (to keep costs low) & I have a GTX 460 I plan to SLI to boost performance once the games become more demanding. What board (if any) will do AM2+ and carry me into the future of AM3? Mid level price points please. Thanks in advance.
  2. Good choices. As a fellow Canadian, I gotta agree that Canada Computers is no slouch when if comes to prices and competitiveness. The windows 7 experience index will always be impeded by a 7200rpm platter drive. Your next step as per an infusion of cash should be first a new graphics card (start reading some other threads, all the info is there already) a SSD for your operating system and core programs. Remember SSD's scale almost perfectly so you can put them in a RAID configuration to stripe them and gain some read/write performance. The reason behind the 2500k is providing user end ease to overclock. You can very easily attain a 15-20% performance boost through a mild overclock. Sweet build. Good work.
  3. This is an amazing track you wont soon forget. Best of what you'll see this week. Enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MklPtGhfYVM&feature=related
  4. I have the storm sentinel. FANTASTIC mouse. Not a single snag with the software profiles ( featuring blue lighting). The on the fly switching of DPI is really handy when changing when needed.So far I have only uses this during gaming, but to great effect. The weights offered are sufficient for adjustment for a average user and I havent had any problems with the scroll wheel or faulty buttons. My only issue is with the build quality. Overall it offers a good feel, personally I would say its for people that rest their palm on the very 'tail' of the mouse or completely on the desk and use a finger oriented setup to play. As for the build, the perforated black metal on the top of the mouse surrounding the LED is beginning to flake away ( now reaching two years of use). Presumably from the heat and perspiration, but I have to readily admit that I am not a particularly sweaty user. Also a bit of a cosmetic issue rises from wear on the thin film layer which is suppose to protect the material used for the back end is beginning to come away. Difficult to notice but still an issue. Since their are no actual performance reducing issues cropping out, I can recommended the mouse, comfort and precision are both there. with those larger then average/intense moisture inducing palm players out there needing to look into other options.
  5. Alternative: Go find some ladies dress stalkings. Id think you'd prefer black over the flesh colored ones ha. Stretch it over the intake fans, cut and fit to size/preferance. Viola!
  6. Hey all. The explanation put together by the writers at Lifehacker make the concept pretty clear. Article What are your thoughts on it? (Read the comment from "umi.spam" on the lifehacker page, his comment appears to clear some things up.) First things that come to mind worry me about its use as a gateway for viruses (in the sense of its practice: create the hype and infect users) if its not legitimate. Can anyone verify this product, any existing users here? Also, we have a decent sized community with hardware that can more than spare the effort to run a client which is very similar to folding. Could we put together a few members and see what kind of coin we can turn around? It be interesting to see if this takes off what kind of value we may have gotten by getting in early. Id like to hear your comments, let me know what you think! Bitcoin Market Page -Cdn.
  7. P3564 AMD PhenomII x4 940 BE 3.4ghz / GTX 460 @ 848/1696/2225
  8. Hopefully emergency measures got in place, and that all the fire servicemen can beat this thing before it gets any more widespread. This is why you dont underestimate Wildfires. All the best.
  9. Im hoping you've looked into a push/pull config (with the delta being the additional pull fan, im thinking thats what your referencing "push in/pull setup). If not, a change in fans or the addition of a second fan to the rad setup would be more rewarding in price/performance considerations.
  10. So it seems that Apples mobile platform also coming home to a set of external Gpu's will be a reality. Where else is it going to be applied? http://www.geek.com/articles/chips/intel-thunderbolt-20110224/
  11. Have to drop a post here for Eve Online. Ill be on and off it all...year...long.
  12. Sold. AMD Athlon II X4 630 - $70 Used for 2 months in a new rig. Nothing was changed from stock at any time. Looking for a quick sale. Shipping is not included in price. Payment accepted is PayPal.
  13. I really liked it. I was in a slow paced mood and it fit well with that. If you were expecting something like State of Play or something similar, you might have been put off. Especially with the Trailer footage. But why cite the movie as poor just because some marketing rep butchered/mislead with an audience with the trailer. If you missed that twinge of remorse when Clooney finally made it back to the meeting spot, you missed the point of the movie. I thought it was overall well done, with a unique feel, and theatrical character. If you semi liked this but were looking for something different, watch No Country for Old Men... But then come back and watch this again, I think it deserves a second look.
  14. What type of card are you looking for? I will likely have a Evga GTX 450 1GB SC Edition for the market in a week or so. Interested?
  15. It was 3 am, and just as I got the news. Dont worry, Ive been through tonnes of media today and am now well read. Some unique footage they have there, also some unique perspectives on the television.
  16. Came back late tonight and noticed this article in a friends social media account: Egypt Leaves the Internet Reading that left my jaw on the desk and my curiosity running at a hundred miles an hour. Is this truly a total black out? If so, what is going on in the country, economically, politically, socially!? After a short search and a few bit more reading. Egypt seems to be in and ongoing revolution and socio-political struggle to oust the president of 30 years. Since protesters were using social media sites to organize gatherings and demonstrations, government has removed access to internet and SMS apparently. From what I read, its rather violent "revolution" of sorts, with a large portion of the population involved, with Suez being a hot spot of activity (read: violent). Some other sites for those interested: http://www.abc.net.a.../28/3124300.htm http://www.valleynew....asp?S=13925056 -"The Internet blackout in Egypt shows that a country with strong control over its Internet providers apparently can force all of them to pull their plugs at once, something that Cowie called "almost entirely unprecedented in Internet history."" Do we have any overseas members that can comment on this? (Obviously not from Egypt ha) Looks like we have some very important action on the world stage for the end of this week. Discuss, and any more fact finding and comments would be a great asset to the thread. As yourself, What precedent does this event set for the internet as a tool and a resource?
  17. His channel/series is fantastic for those that are interested, he does great work and provides a wealth of Knowles for civs, those who enjoy camping/ wilderness work to active duty and military types. I swear if you watch his series or have a knowledge base similar, every shoot em up type movie becomes a ground to point out inaccuracies. ha I can honestly say its not a waste of time in the least.
  18. This looks like more of a project best tackled with some creative ingenuity. The Antec Spot cool comes to mind as well.
  19. Yes, Ive been affected by a few issues. Shows the sensor ball as next upgrade after reloading main page after a match, either that or blanking out my rank in the top right. Presumably just a bug.
  20. Looking to print the document with the same formating as Tom Clancy novels. I have access to high end print services for free, so its just a pet project to see what I can do. Really is no big loss if it doesnt pan out, was just curious.
  21. You might want to go ahead and do a full uninstall, and utilize a driver cleaner to make sure that theirs nothing left. Reboot and such, and then go ahead and put the newest driver (from the net) back on as per your operating system. Dont worry about using the provided cd. This should clear your issues. To check, right click on computer--> manage-->device manager. Ensure that there are no faults and in the case of an issue, right click and guide the installer to the driver.
  22. Rather off the cuff question to ask. I came across the first three chapters of the book which provides the creative basis for the upcoming movie Aliens & Cowboys. I enjoy reading quite a bit and would like to see what its like to read an intro, or something which flushes out the first scenes before going to see the movies to see the director/writers interpretation. I particularly enjoy Tom Clancy publications. Current on his newest release. When sitting in-front of my computer with the three chapters of Aliens & Cowboys in Word, Id like to be able to format of spacing and font I enjoy cin Tom Clancy novels. I plan on formating pages into two margins to compensate for page size differences. I came across this option: http://www.abstractfonts.com/search/tom%20clancy's%20hawx Are there more sites like this that might feature the correct font? Or giving information on the proper spacing? Thanks in advance.
  23. 19" all in one television monitor thing. I would just turn on Jersey Shore. Damn American Zombies would eat that s&^t up. I can also see my self getting at least one kill with it.
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