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    Antec ninehundred 2 case
    i7920 @ 4ghz cooled by corshair h50
    9 GB ddr1600mhz
    asus gene II motherboard
    2 TB (1 tb each) western digital drivers
    950 watt power supply rosewill (newegg special 70 bucks)
    5970 gigabyte graphics card
  1. Hmm. Yes I was wondering why ATI sucks. Both ati/amd, Nvidia, Intel. All make great products geared towards different users. There are different products for each individuals needs. To make such a bold statement will not get you many positive responses. Just a heads up for future postings. Anyways besides that welcome to the forum. Since you are looking for Nvidia/Intel setup get a gtx 480 and at least a 1000 watt power supply(corsair has seem to be the most reputable at descent prices). I don`t know what you plan on doing with this build so I will just go ahead and throw out i7920 for a processor. For a motherboard I love my asus gene II but I got it for free so maybe that`s why I love it, also makes overclocking a breeze. Good luck on your journey to building a PC to your needs. Cheers.
  2. what are you looking for battery life ? what size screen? what size hard drive ? what programs will you be using ?
  3. I usually go ahead and recommend furmark
  4. What is your idle and load temps air cooled ?
  5. Quick update and some information...well she is here now..I overclocked it to 1.73 ghz stock is 1.3 ghz. The GPU is overclocked too with a raised temp of 6 degrees Celsius..GPU clocks stock - 450-790-1080....overclocked- 579-893-1390 So far I have played CODMW2 native resolution 1366x768 AA off. medium.high settings and it never goes below 60 fps (vsync off) I will give more information later when i`m not busy.
  6. 5970 here no complaints. Go for that..you wont be sorry
  7. Which magazines do you guys subscribe to ?
  8. I'm pretty excited to see what it can do I seen people gaming on youtube it looks pretty cool EDIT Well best buy sucks, I hate ordering anything from there. Suppose to be here..called yesterday said it would be here today. "order is still in processing or w.e" called today oh...yeah...it wont be here by friday. I flipped. Got money back for shipping...Best buy blows.
  9. That picture gives me so much anxiety.
  10. Well I guess it can be considered a netbook or a laptop. To me if its under 11.xx inches with no optical its a netbook or geared towards the netbook crowd. I`ve compared the specs to others in it`s class and I like the looks of this the best and it just seems to have the better hardware in it. Time will tell. Specs look good to me though.
  11. http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Alienware+-+La...p;skuId=9732759 So I recently purchased this item and it should be in this thursday or friday. I will be performing several tests and of course overclocking it. From the specs it looks like a fun little netbook. Will be good for when I am in flight. So we shall see. Keep your eyes open for this thread as pics and such shall be posted shortly
  12. Holy crap. You need to build yourself a custom desk man haha.
  13. I got about an hour and ten minutes out of it doing some light browsing. Gaming I have no idea. I would probably have to say 30-40 minutes pending on which game I assume.
  14. I can`t believe I actually bought a 360...I never play it. Awesome console though. I mostly got it for racing games though
  15. Ehh I hear ya. Got the g60 same deal with me lol.
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