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  1. You need to get special VRam cooling accesories(they are different for each card although the stock ones they give you work for most cards) for your VRam when buying accelero XTREME. You probably didn't and that's why you had those issues, Nyt. That GPU cooler is amazing according to all the reviews i've read. I don't have time to link any benchmarks and tests right now but I will once I get back home.
  2. Look into Arctic cooling accelero XTREME II. That's the best aftermarket cooler that you can buy by itself. It's cold and it's quiet though it takes up quite a bit of space.
  3. I wanted a new picture for my avatar yet i still have this guy watching eerily at his monitor. I've set another one yet nothing.
  4. While I do love Inno3D i believe the 560 Ti 448 in your particular case is the better choice. I've been answering a lot of threads lately and I don't know this about you but do you plan on getting your card now or later?
  5. Here's how I do such math fast in my head , though i would advise against it. 75 - 72 = 3% change in the final solution. 72-60 e 12% change in the final solution. 12% = 4 x 3% there fore you need 4 times more of solution 1 than you need of solution 2 to get 72% there fore x + 4x = 20 thus x = 4; 4 liters + 16 liters. I do most of my statistical math intuitively like this and even though the math is correct i still go 38/100 on my discrete math exam
  6. Pff I just realized that you meant 5970 and not 5870 (It's these damned rebrandings) -- so yeah absolutely no reason to upgrade, I mean seriously.
  7. I'd choose HIS IceQ; here's a review of that card: http://www.guru3d.com/article/his-radeon-6850-iceq-x-turbo-review/14 If you want the 560 Ti then the cheapest one i saw was 220 dollars. http://www.microcenter.com/search/search_results.phtml?N=4294966937+40+4294927851&Ns=P_RetailPrice&Nso=Ascending The price difference is large between the 6850 and the 560 Ti so I suggest you go with the 6850 even if it is a slightly slower card.
  8. I would personally wouldn't make the change if you are still going for 1080p. I have a 470 and am perfectly fine with it since games that have appeared in the meantime were still made with consoles in mind. Until the next consoles come out i suggest you save your money.
  9. Besides, games are made so that they can run on a crappy xbox 360 so the system requirements curve for games along the recent years has been somewhat logarithmic. Until the next xbox comes out games will not get any more demanding and even my 2 year old gtx 470 slices through any games on ultra at 1920x1080.
  10. That guy's awesome. He has really professional reviews.
  11. I play on ultra and get 45+ fps though i only played campaign.
  12. Tell your dad to go to a computer store and get the cheapest 560 Ti but specifically tell your father : 560 TI - you don't want him to get you a simple 560 and tell you he found a bargain
  13. My GTX 470 has 1.25 GB of Ram and i have absolutely no issues with BF3. Even if you got Ginormous resolution texture mods for it, 1.25 GB ram is enough.
  14. If you play at 1080p resolution 2 GB is a waste. If you want multiple monitors or higher res than 1080p then a 7850 wouldn't perform well anyway. I really believe that 2 GB in such cards is a gimmick. edit: wrote 7870 instead of 7850
  15. Here's a suggestion though it might sound silly. Check if your CPU cooler didn't accidentally come off.
  16. Andres here's the thing with video cards; they can have more than one manufacturer. For example an MSI Twin Frozr II 560 Ti will be more expensive than an Inno3D card even though they are the same exact card but with different cooling fans on them and some minor other modifications. The reason why I asked you to link the store from which you are buying is so that we can get you the best possible deal. I agree that you should get the 560 Ti card ... that has amazing performance but now we need to figure out what manufacturer you should pick. You said your parents are traveling? does that mean that they are going to the US and are going to buy you the card or ... I didn't quite get that part. If they are indeed going to USA then you should be able to get a great card for 200 bucks.
  17. If you will have the money in 3 months then wait. Don't buy anything yet. In 3-4 months the new Ivy bridge will be here and prices on sandy bridge should drop. Also, video cards will be much cheaper than they are now. Perhaps you will be able to get the 600 series equivalent to the 560 Ti. I remember when i first started buidling my comp. Took me months to get the money and to reasearch it properly. I started off with the radeon 4890 and then eventually got the GTX 470 which is infinitely better. Thing is that when i first started to build my comp 470 wasn't out yet. When i finally got the money the 470 was in the price range of what the 4890 had been.
  18. Glad to hear your kid will be getting a better rig than you
  19. Does that card have reference cooling on it? I'm not in the habit of dissing nVidia but I truly hate the stock cooler they placed on their cards ... not that it isn't performing well because it does -- but it's so FREAKIN' loud if you want to keep your card at decent temps ( though i have a 470 which is hotter than a 570 ) you will need MSI Afterburner kept ALWAYS on so that it can control your fans. Yesterday for example i was playing Heroes VI and i have a FPS display in the top left corner of my screen on. It always stays at 60 fps -- Vsync on --. I was having a relatively good time when I noticed - "hmmm ... why am i getting only 35 fps? Oh look, MSI Afterburner is not turned on .. better switch it on" and i must say : Hell hath no fury like an nVidia stock fan turning on when your GPU is at 90 degrees. So jumped back into the game back at 60 fps but I also had to turn up the volume to not hear the video card which was sounding not much unlike a vacuum in mating season.
  20. I agree with this. The rest of your build is all good and good choice on the PSU. Even though the 7850 and the rest of your rig doesn't need more than a 500 W PSU you can buy a second 7850 in the far future on ebay or perhaps even here on OCC (I'm talking 2 - 3 years from now if you feel you need a little more video juice for your system) and Crossfire it and still have a great gaming rig then ( though i just saw the mobo you picked - I suggest you get a mobo that supports Crossfire from the money you'd be saving with vanreadstriker's suggestion -- or if you don't want to crossfire a second card, then you can go ahead and buy a cheaper PSU since 750 is just overkill for that system) So consequently here's what i suggest: 1. If you wish to crossfire in the future - that PSU will handle 2x7850 easy but you'll need a new mobo - here's my suggestion: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16813157271 It has 2 PCI-E 3.0 slots and also has great features such as USB 3.0 and such and the pricing isn't that steep 121$ (the extra $$ should be covered if you stick to vandreadstriker's suggestion and you will even out at the same price with the parts you chose) 2.If you don't want to crossfire then you can stick to your mobo and you can buy a cheaper PSU and save a few bucks; something along the line of: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817139028 this one is on sale and it's 49.99 after rebate ( I have no idea what rebate is but if it lets you get the PSU cheaper then cool )
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