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    My rant.

    Your view is narrow.
  2. nothing in particular. I will eventually want to build my brother a computer that's not too expensive so he can play Diablo 3. All those WTS topics in occ marketplace look so yummy but they were all in the US.
  3. The mobos you chose do not go with your CPU. It's another socket entirely. Do NOT buy those! you need socket 1155 not 1366
  4. Rofltroll

    My rant.

    Are you trying to make people hate you, OP?
  5. This requires further investigation. I am pretty sure high voltage can also account to chip aging and not just temps, though temps are the main aspect that degrade chips.
  6. The mobo won't count towards you playing on ultra. I suggest you go with the gigabyte I suggested if you say you can get it from America.
  7. Well I'll try to see if my video card doesn't start sounding like a jet-plane. Will I get that spiralling DNA thingy if I fold on my 8 threaded CPU?
  8. I think it would be a waste of money to get other RAM. Photoshop needs big amounts of RAM and you won't see any real world difference between 1600 and 1333. OP I suggest buying the 2500k (who knows when you might need that integrated gpu) and stick to the RAM you have. They will run just fine on that mobo.
  9. The first thing I looked for in that video you posted were fish.
  10. Overheating won't cause BSOD. Trust me on this one. If the CPU fan doesn't work your computer will just shut down and not BSOD. Get the code and we'll know exactly what's going on. If you didn't overclock it's possible that it may be a video card driver issue.
  11. AMD will never go out of market. It's cheaper and it sells amazingly in less developed countries ( ... mine ) . Take a brand like Coca-Cola here in Romania, for example. Right after we escaped communism, even though cola was the most marketed thing on TV, everyone stuck to some kind of tutti frutti bubble gum tasting crap of a soda because it was cheaper. It was called Rio and it came in all colors of the rainbow
  12. It doesn't support SLI or corssfire, no. But I wouldn't crossfire or SLI on a 650 anyway.
  13. The 7950 got cheaper on Newegg. Maybe you can snag a 7970 since those got cheaper as well.
  14. title says it all. Always looking for good deals.
  15. this post ... me no comprende...
  16. Anyone folding on a stock fan nVidia card? I wanted to start folding but I've a suspicion that folding will use 100% of my GPU and cause a butt-load of noise. My PC is in the same room that I sleep in.
  17. 1. 3/4 of the world's wealth - I'd buy a giant fully armed fortress and keep the rest of the wealth in a giant safe. 2. Ridiculously large bounty on my head 3. Life time supply of pop-corn and soda while I watch the entire world coming to get me.
  18. I've done some benchmarks and if you go from 8x to 4x you can go for 1080p and will have no fps loss.
  19. Try a previous version of the drivers.
  20. I think a phenom might be a better choice. Less memory cache though I hear it's much faster. Not an AMD expert. Expecting a nerd-off between AMD supporter WACO and AMD hater Nyt
  21. Well PCI- Express 2 vs PCI-Express 3 is just a bandwidth thing.PCI-E 3.0 has higher bandwidth and allows more data from the video card to flow to the motherboard and back. There is currently no video card even close to needing the bandwidth of PCI-E 3.0 and PCI-E 2.0 will be enough for future cards for qutie some while. If you plan on keeping this rig for more than let's say 5 years then you might have a problem if you will want one of those future cards that will actually use PCI - E 3.0 (but again, that will be in the far future). Go with AMD if you wish and don't worry about PCI - E 3.0. It's mostly just a gimmick.
  22. They have no reason to release GK110 since the 680 is always out of stock and selling like short-cakes (short-cakes? is that right?). I also doubt they would hype up a 670 or a 660 so much as well. Maybe it's a kepler based quadro?
  23. It does. If I had a camera I'd take a picture of the 2 x 6 pins that are in my own video card.
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