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  1. 1200 is pushing it unless he sells it in Europe or Asia.
  2. 63 is nothing to worry about.really. Mine peaks at 64 in games. If it goes over 80 in prime95, ( i like it to be under 75,though) then you can say that you have a hot CPU.
  3. Well if it's euros, then you can buy 3 Asus Mars II AND have money left to put them under water.
  4. Are you certain? I'm pretty sure they need to have the same speeds, timings and revisions in order to properly run dual channel. I've a friend that currently has 2 sticks of 1 GB of DDR2 RAM in dual channel and if you are telling me that I can buy another 2 sticks of 1 GB of ram to place them in dual channel (he has 4 memory slots) then that'd be great. I'm pretty sure that you are wrong ,though.
  5. Here's the difference between an apple computer and any other computer. Macs are specially designed with their own parts. I had a recent discussion with a friend about this, actually. You know how the XBox for example only has a 7950 based GPU? well it runs games pretty well for such a low end gpu; the hardware is optimized to run that type of software specifically. It's the same deal with macs and their respective apple software. Apple software will run incredibly well on a mac with fewer ram than it would on a PC with more RAM. I'm no mac fanboy (frankly I quite dislike macs) but I felt someone had to defend them in this thread. It really depends on how you want to use your laptop. For general use, though, I'd still go with a normal laptop (I also hear you can build your own so that should be fun and also be cheaper)
  6. You won't be able to put the ram in dual channel mode if you have different types of RAM but they will work just fine. And besides games don't use more than 4 gigs of RAM. 8 is more than what you need,really.
  7. :withstupid: :withstupid: this emoticon is in no way offensive if you've read any occ posts. I mean think about it ... if he were stupid i wouldn't be "with him" would I? :withstupid: :withstupid:
  8. Cool, where are you from? I've just noticed your sig and I have to say: 960 CL5 is a bit slower than 800 CL4(technically)
  9. Anyone have 4 GB DDR2 at a decent price?
  10. How much are mac book airs going for these days?
  11. Are you going to work with a bagillion MP pictures in photoshop?
  12. You wouldn't happen to know what power supply you have there would you? (though, if it has a 6 and 8 PCI-E pin then the PSU is most likely good enough). Call them and tell them of your problem. It seems like a hardware fault and since you bought your rig ready-built I find it highly unprofessional that they gave you such an untested card.
  13. The 590 is currently the fastest thing you can buy. It has 2 GPUs in it so it's kinda' like SLI but without all the hassle. If you really really want SLI then at least consider a dual gpu card rather than 2 separate cards. That ASUS MARS 2 I linked is quite a good pick. Only 1300 euros. edit:spelling
  14. to be fair I'd hate to sell a 1700 solid rig for 1000 as well. Again, if there were anyway he could sell his rig in Europe ... at 1250 it would be a hot sell.
  15. If SB will get cheaper now that IB is out I suggest you stick with sandy bridge -- the difference between IB and SB is minimal from what I've read--however, if you find a decently priced IB CPU then you might as well go for it. If he doesn't plan on overclocking he might as well get an i5 2500 or the even cheaper i5 2400. You'd also be better off with a Z77 board since it properly supports the new Ivy bridge chips and it has a built in USB 3.0 controller and PCI 3.0 (still at the point where PCI 3.0 is a gimmick but for the future it's still a viable option). I just played the beta on my 470. Vsync was always on but for the most part I never went under 60 fps. There were ocassions where I dipped in 40 fps for a few seconds but that's it. the 560 Ti has a bit more performance than my 470 so no problems there. If he doesn't plan on playing anything else than Diablo 3, Starcraft2 or World of Warcraft you can go for an even cheaper GPU. A friend just played Diablo 3 on his 5770 and says he had a good experience ( didn't max out, though). If you buy a cheaper GPU - a 6850 should basically be cheaper and just as effective- and a non - K processor you could go for an SSD. You could also go for only 4 gigs of ram if you want to save some more money -- currently there are no games that fully use 4 gigs of ram.
  16. If you already know you are going to sell it for 2/3 then why ask us? If you were selling it here in Europe I'm sure that you would be able to get far more than 1250$, though.
  17. Rofltroll

    Diablo 3

    Just played the beta .. Well I didn't need to graduate anyway.
  18. get a GTX 680 if money isn't an issue. Better, faster,cooler, more energy efficient.
  19. Rofltroll

    AA in Mafia II

    I can't seem to get AA in Mafia II to work. I'm not talking about the application AA since that's pretty crappy. I tried nVidia inspector and with nVidia Control panel. Also tried the renaming trick ( the one where you rename the .exe to Jericho.exe and then apply AA with nVidia inspector) the game still looks pretty crappy AA wise. Has anyone managed to apply AA to this game?
  20. Quite a change going from 7850 to 680 Edit: get the coolermaster HAF case.
  21. skype me: rofltroll. And I have to tell you this a CPU is a processor and doesn't mean an entire computer. CPU = central processing unit.
  22. Introduce him to DotA. He'll change his addicton. Or combine them ... don't introduce him to DotA
  23. I'd go with this one, though how much is this in dollars? It seems to be as much as a maximus. I'm pretty sure you can find much cheaper mobos for what you need.
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