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  1. Diablo 3 won't require that much horsepower. You will have 60 fps constant with a 560 Ti.
  2. If you want it for gaming then I suggest you get a better video card. If you are going to use it ONLY for gaming then you can also go 8 gigs and a lower end CPU since you will see absolutely no difference.
  3. The hotter it is in the room the hotter the GPU will be. If for example your gpu is at 40 C when room temperature is 25 C , then if the room temperature is 30 C , let's say, then the GPU will be at 45 C. This is for air cooling. The room temp vs gpu temp is a linear function.
  4. push - pull concept: FAN HEATSINK FAN basically one fan blows cold air onto the heatsink (or whatever needs cooling) and the other one blows hot air away from the heatsink. The benefits between push and pull setups vs simply having a 1 fan that blows cold air onto the heatsink is not worth the cost and the fact that it will also be louder. The last sentence is just my opinion but I'm pretty sure this opinion is shared among many OCCers
  5. What is it with you and SLI? You will see a hell of a lot more performance out of a 680. If you can really afford a 680, then I suggest you get it. Edit: and stop creating so many threads.
  6. You won't be able to build a gaming rig with under 500 dollars especially since it isn't in America. Here's my attempt, though don't expect to play Battlefield 3 on ultra on it CPU : http://www.theitdepot.com/details-AMD+A8+3870+Quad+Core+2.9GHz+Processor+%28AD3870WNGXBOX%29_C30P13776.html 8420 rupees. Mobo: http://www.theitdepot.com/details-Asus+F1A55-M-LX-PLUS+32GB+DDR3+AMD+Motherboard_C13P12228.html 3845 rupees. RAM: get 2 of these: http://www.theitdepot.com/details-G.skill+2GB+%281+x+2GB%29+DDR3+1333MHz+Desktop+RAM+%28F3-10666CL9S-2GBNK%29_C6P12964.html 660 x 2 = 1320 rupees PSU: http://www.theitdepot.com/details-Corsair+Builder+Series+CX430+V2+430W+Power+Supply+%28CMPSU-430CXV2%29_C14P11114.html 2585 rupees HDD: http://www.theitdepot.com/details-Western+Digital+Caviar+Blue+500GB+SATA+Internal+Desktop+Hard+Drive+%28WD5000AAKX%29_C12P12582.html 4355 rupees Case: http://www.theitdepot.com/details-NZXT+Gamma+Black+Steel+Mid-Tower+ATX+Cabinet_C5P7108.html 2825 GPU - and here's the problem: http://www.theitdepot.com/details-MSI+Radeon+HD6770+1GB+DDR5+ATI+PCI+E+Graphic+Cards+%28R6770-MD1GD5%29_C45P13240.html 6630 So this all amounts to 29980 rupees without a monitor ... I tried to get the cheapest things(but not the worst, mind you) I could find there, so that I leave as much as possible budget for the Video Card which is the most important part of the computer for games, but I still couldn't match your budget ... the other video card would be a GTS 450 at 5590 rupees, though I doubt you'd be very happy with it. I really don't know how to squeeze more out this rig to get more money for the GPU,really. Edit: I found another CPU/Mobo combo, i3 540 and an 1156 mobo - cheaper but it's quite old tech ... it should carry games ok, though New CPU : http://www.theitdepot.com/details-Intel+Core+i3-540++3.06+Ghz+Processor_C30P9381.html New Mobo: http://www.theitdepot.com/details-Intel+Desktop+Motherboard+%28DH55TC%29_C13P7305.html and you get into 26850 rupees budget range ... that's the best I can do and you can run games at medium quite easily on this rig at 1600 rez, I believe.
  7. Well prices are very different in different places. For example computer parts are about 40% cheaper in USA than they are in Romania. Meaning that if you buy from Newegg you'll have a better rig for 800 dollars. Here's a list I made from Newegg. CPU: i5 2400 MOBO: GIGABYTE GA-Z77 D3H RAM: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820231311 PSU: TX 650 CASE: HAF 912 and ofc GPU: Twin Frozr III GTX 570 Everybody suggests getting the i5 2500k but most of my friends who got the i5 2500k didn't even bother to overclock their CPU. If you plan on overclocking, then you can go with 4 GB of ram instead of 8 (since you won't see any difference in games) and go for an i5 2500k. Again, these are prices from Newegg which are much lower than anywhere in the world.
  8. Do you think 1000 dollars is worh it, though? I guess we'll have to see some performance numbers first.
  9. State a budget, what you plan on using your computer for and if you aren't from the USA link some sites from where you wish to buy your components.
  10. The 690 just released and it will be available from the 3rd of May. It is 1000 dollars...
  11. 1000$ for basically 2 mid-ranged gpus. I find that ridiculous really.
  12. That is ridiculously low wattage for such a system.
  13. triedge, link us sites from where you wish to buy.Prices are different in different countries.
  14. Water cooling 2 GPUs and a possible overclock might require a better PSU if you ask me. Go for a 1000 Watt one, I say.
  15. Since you said you have infinite money you could go all out and put your entire PC under water.
  16. Ive friends who got asrock and they sometimes had problems with the mobo but nothing a quick RMA didn't fix. The only time I don't recommend AsRock is when someone is buying the board from somewhere other than their home country since it's harder to warranty it. I'm Gigabyte man, myself - they overclock well and they are very stable. A bit cheaper than Asus (in Romania, anyway)
  17. ... you have snake eating spiders. nVidia is having a big announcement any day now. I'd wait a bit on the video card purchase.
  18. Or Cyrodiil and then it's septims. Edit: In all seriousness,though ... triedge where are you from and can you please link some sites from where you wish to buy your video card?
  19. I'd never pay 800$ for a 2 year old gaming laptop and I'm not even from the US where prices are lower. To be fair, though, I'd never buy a gaming laptop since the whole notion of gaming laptop is ridiculous to me.
  20. What's the error code you get when you BSOD? If you do not see a blue screen of death, then turn it on.
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