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  1. It's normal from what i can figure. When you overclock your CPU, for example, there are a number of power saving features (like vdroop - which lowers voltage towards the CPU when it's not being used as much.) which you need to turn off in order to get a stable OC. OC'ing with MSI Afterburner is pretty straight forward and most likely interrupts those power saving features automatically to get stable overclocks at higher voltages. Do not worry, it seems normal. My OC'ed 470 remains at a constant voltage also. Temps seem ok as well for the OC.
  2. Depending on where you are from you will see some different prices on it, but I suggest you take a look into Titan Fenrir. Cheaper and better than a Hyper 212+ ( at least it was for me anyway)
  3. Or you could just ask NYT for his 560 Ti when he's done with it He's from SA and seems to have endless money for hardware
  4. I didn't know that - those are some of the best coolers out there - I've no idea how i missed that.
  5. Hello narukun; First of all can you please tell me what the stock voltage on your card is? From what I've gathered it's 0.95 volts but I can't be sure. So i need you to tell me the following things: 1.stock voltage/gpu frequency/memory frequency + temps in idle and load 2.your OC voltage/gpu frequency/memory frequency + temps in idle and load Supply me with this information and I'll try to help as best I can. Here's what else you could try: you said you were using the latest catalyst drivers; bump them down to last version(clean driver uninstall and then re-install a more older version) and then try overclocking again ; it just might work, though don't get your hopes to high up about using this method
  6. OK bklixuz so regarding those links: The EVGA seems a bit more expensive than others but it has a slight factory overclock(and when i say slight I mean almost insignificant - 850 and inoo3d one has 822). I suggest you remain with the Inno3D one since the performance will be the same but it's much cheaper than the EVGA card. Overclocking the video card is so simple that a toddler could do it really and you can overclock that Inno3D card to high heaven. The gainward cards are great also although personally I don't think the added price favours it over the Inno3D one.(I've been saying Inno3D a lot in this post lately lol - I'm not an employee of that company or anything, I just like typing Inno3D ) As far as the 6870 ones are concerned the 9300 PEE one from ASUS looks interesting enough. Here are some performance charts for the 6870: http://www.guru3d.com/article/msi-radeon-6870-hawk-review/1 The 560 in the charts is actually a 560Ti; as you can see they are nearly identical in performance. So the question now is the following: Should I get the 6870 for 9300 P or the 560 Ti for 10300 P? 1.They have the same performance but with 560 Ti you also get physX which looks great in games; look up physX on youtube and tell me that doesn't look great ( though only a few games support it sadly) - here's an example of one such game called mirror's edge, that has this technology implemented into the game: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w0xRJt8rcmY 2.The other thing to consider are the drivers for radeon and nVidia in general. I'll give you an example: When I bought my nVidia GTX 470 2 years ago these were the competiting cards : the 5870 vs the GTX 480 and the 470 vs the 5850. At first the 5850 and the 470 had roughly the same performance and so did the 480 and the 5870. As drivers came out, the 470 got much better than a 5850; today my 470 is better than a 5870 in most games. So there you have it: the 560Ti is 1000 PEE more expensive but you get physX and it'll perform better than a 6870 in the future due to better drivers. Is the extra 1000 PEE worth it? That's up to you. Personally I'm and nVidia fan and would go for the 560 Ti myself if given the choice. Hope this helps make up your mind ( I know I spent about 3 months when I bought my card just to make sure it's the best possible card for me) Cheers Edit: I accidentally some words
  7. Pfff US only. Would have loved that build for my brother.
  8. Don't buy ready made computers... ever. They cost way more and they just put in crappy parts. Give us your budgets and some stores you have access to and we will make you a great gaming build + we will explain how to put it all together. Building a PC is sort of what everyone here does and enjoys at Overclocker's club. Edit: I accidentally a word
  9. No, it is not normal. These cards have special power saving features that automatically reduce the frequency of the card when not used. Usually when you overclock a CPU, for example, you turn off power saving features to increase stability. Perhaps MSI changes some of those power saving features when you fiddle with the voltage control, though that never happened to me. I suggest a clean install or better yet, use another program. I hear EVGA has some interesting software for that. Bottom line it's almost certainly from MSI Afterburner and you're not the only one to experience problems with it. If you run into similar troubles even after the installation I suggest you go to a buddy and try your card on his system to see if maybe it isn't a hardware fault. Overclock it there, and if you run into similar troubles then I think you qualify for an RMA.
  10. Usually an Inno3D with custom cooling card runs about the same price as a stock card with EVGA sticker on it. Mind linking the evga card?
  11. I think MSI has better cooling than Sapphire. MSI won awards with that Twin Frozr cooler while Sapphire won it with their Vapor-X model. I wonder why they don't make Vapor-X anymore ... Oh well, I suggest you go MSI.
  12. Great choice. Keep us posted on which one you decide on buying.
  13. A friend of mine is getting a video card for his AM2 system. I am going to get him a GTX 460 for which i found a great deal here in Romania. As you know the 400 series is quite a power hog and his PSU is some noname brand 500W which i believe is somewhere at 60+ or something . If his system can run on that noname PSU i think you'll be fine with yours. I'll keep you posted
  14. At first I was skeptical about vandreader's post. Last generation's best single gpu card from radeon falling short to a 7850? But then i checked it out and found out he's actually right The 7850 has the same performance as a 6970 with slight differences here and there. You can overclock the 7850 to have the exact performance of a 7870 even which beats the 6970 by a fair amount in pretty much each game tested. Here's an article on the 7850 to check out for yourself: http://www.guru3d.com/article/amd-radeon-hd-7850-and-7870-review/1 Here's one of the 6970 PCS+ which is a out of the box 940 MHz card which is quite staggering: http://www.overclock3d.net/reviews/gpu_displays/powercolor_hd6970_pcs_review/1 This guy at overclock3d has some great reviews on cooling fans and video cards on youtube. Highly recommended if you have the time to check it out. Overall I believe a 7850 is your best bet. About the same performance as a 6970, overclocks well and has less power consumption. Enjoy your new card.
  15. 560 Ti has 8 SM resulting in a total of 48x8 CUDA Cores whilst the 560 only has 7 SM running a total of 48*7 CUDA cores. The 560 is a stripped 560TI. I wonder if that missing SM in a 560 can be unlock or if it's simply cut down hardware.
  16. 560TI all the way. Even an OC'ed 560 is worse than a 560TI. Overclocking your GPU with MSI Afterburner is really easy, although I have to suggest you don't overclock your GPU in the first few weeks. Run it on stock just to make sure it has no manufacturer faults. If it runs fine a few weeks, then you can overclock it with peace of mind since cards today have so many safety features that it's hard to actually burn one.
  17. Yeah, point of view has great prices but if you ever see an Inno3D with an aftermarket cooler on it, grab it. Inno3D has some great aftermarket cooling and they are some of the cheapest cards out there.
  18. Wait for the 680 4GB to come out and you'll be able to run games well on a 3 monitor setup. Until then I think you'll be fine with 2x460, though you might want to play games at high and not at ultra. Perhaps if you run 1600 rez on all 3 you might be able to get away with setting some of the details on Ultra.
  19. Don't confuse the man with that future proofing mumbo jumbo. From what I've read, OP won't go for a multiple monitor setup and even if he did, I don't see a 6850 carrying 3 monitors properly for gaming anyway. Even for higher resolution monitors, a 6870 1GB is better than a 6850 2GB. I've been browsing that site and here's what I'd suggest: http://www.prophecy.co.za/inno3d-nvidia-geforce-gtx560-gddr5-256bit-pcie-p-113629.html This 560 Ti has an Inno3D cooler on it; Inno3D knows their stuff when it comes to cooling considering they are responsible for iChill. My GTX 470 is also Inno3D and i've had it for almost 2 years now. The nVidia 560 Ti is slightly better than a 6870 and you also get physX ,if you're into that. Here's a review on the 560 ti where you'll also see how 6870 and 6850 run on different games http://www.guru3d.com/article/geforce-gtx-560-ti-review/1 And if you decide to save money I suggest you go for a 6850 1GB as you won't see any difference between a 2GB and a 1GB if you play 1920x1080. Here's a good one: http://www.prophecy.co.za/sapphire-radeon-hd6850-gddr5-256bit-pcie-p-86063.html Hope this helped. Edit: added some links.
  20. 6870 is better than a 6850 no matter the amount of ram if you choose to run a 1080p setup. That''s a fact. I suggest, though, that you wait a bit. Prices will go down since the new nvidia kepler cards came out. If you can't wait , however, i strongly suggest you go with the 6870.
  21. Funny you should mention gurus as Guru3D usually does reviews on Point of view cards. Also, if the card is stock it doesn't matter who the manufacturer is since all they did was slap a sticker on the card. That and whatever customer service they provide.
  22. I've looked over the site. The EVGA 560 is 9800 P while the Inno3D 560ti is 10300. I don't know if 500P is a lot but i'd take a look at that one. The difference from 560 to 560 ti is fairly noticeable. If the TI is too expensive then go with the Zotac 560 one, or better yet as the above users suggested: give it a month. Prices will go down on the 500 series since the new 600 series from nVidia just came out. Hope this helped, good luck.
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