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  1. Nope, but it's fine. I went with it in the end. The only problem that might have occurred was whether the mobo could supply the 140 Watt the phenom 965 needed which it can. I hope i can attach my aftermarket heatsink to it though. It's compatible with the CPU but I don't know about the motherboard.

  2. So I found a Phenom II x4 965 at a pretty decent price and was going to ask you guys for help on picking a mobo. I am looking for the cheapest one i can get my hands on that can support this CPU and not have problems with it. I am currently looking at the Gigabyte 78LMT-S2P. I believe it can support the wattage of the Phenom which is pretty high actually and I have 2x2 gigs of OCZ 1333 RAM that will go along with it. This is just a temporary fix to replace my now deceased i7 and x58 mobo until I will eventually get the money to buy myself back into some serious intel CPUs.


  3. For the x58 chipset and an i7 920 i would steer away from 1866 memory and go with a set of mushkin ddr3 1600. The Intel chip requires Alot more qpi and cpu voltage to operate 1800mhz memory. Diminishing returns is really all i can really describe. Plus it makes it easier to oc the processor. This is what i used when i oced the Heck out of mine. Got it to bench at 4,60 when it was new. Not so much later on. Needed some dice. And also using just 12 gig over 24 gigs will help keep the memory controller nice and chilax. And if you want i oc'ed this stuff up to 2000mhz at 9-10-10-30.


    Cheap too.



    +1. I've the same setup as you fetex

  4. All the components are fine 'sep for the motherboard. Since the CPU is ok apparently my best solution is to simply change the socket in the mobo since it most likely didn't burn out and just the pins are bent. Anyone know a place in EU i could order one from?


    Edit: found one already

  5. I have not yet got my x58 rig back from my brother and law so i cannot do some split testing. Even if you have to get a board and processor it just may be cheaper to grab a chip memory and board. Heck post up a want to buy thread in the market place and see what everyone has on hand. Maybe that can fix you up.

    Already hit up the marketplace here for one. I also found  a second-hand x-58 for about 100 dollars which is ok. I have to figure out though that my cpu is still running fine first. I'll find someone eventually to test it for me.

  6. Hey OCC, long time no see. I've recently cleaned my computer and when  i reapplied thermal paste i put a little bit to much and it spilled onto the motherboard socket. I started the computer but as soon as it turned on it turned right back off. I removed the CPU and noticed the thermal paste ( I use arctic silver 5 which supposedly doesn't conduct electricity). So i gently started to clean the paste with some isopropylic alcohol with the help of a toothbrush (dumb, I know- i guess i got high on isorpopylic vapours or i dunno) and of course i dented some pins. I tried to allign them back up but still nothing. My question is do you think this might have damaged my CPU as well? I am pretty sure the motherboard is done for and Gigabyte support isn't very helpful either.

  7. Just remember the AMD 7870 is significantly better than the GTX570, but they are pretty much the same price, so you better really like the green team if you grab a GTX570.

    It is better now ,yes but as I've learned from experience, drivers from nVidia will keep improving the card (much faster than radeon will,anyway). My GTX 470 is almost on par with a 5870 nowadays ; there's also physX which no matter what haters say, is still pretty sweet looking. The scene with catwoman fighting in that safe is amazing.


    Edit: 7870 is at most 10% better. Numbers :


  8. 2 things:

    1.get a single 680 instead of 2 x 570. Since there are currently no games that have a problem on the 680 you won't see any performance difference. It will also be cheaper, less noisy, less hot, it won't consume as much power and you won't run into SLI problem ; not to mention that in the future when you think your computer will struggle with the games that appear then, you can always buy another 680 and then have an SLI setup without having to buy a completely new computer if you want to play the latest games.


    2.you said you wanted to game on this computer. Is that exclusively? Games don't require more than 4 GB of RAM so getting 16 might be overkill. If you don't plan on video editing or working in photoshop full time you won't see any difference in games between 4 and 16 gigs of ram. You can get 8 to compromise and then with the money you save from the RAM and GPU you could get yourself an SSD. If you haven't seen the difference between an SSD and an HDD go see it on youtube. You won't be disapointed.


    Other than that, your pick of components is fine.

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