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  1. You can't really trust second hand vendors here.
  2. Not from the US so I don't have acces to newegg. ComputerEd, that motherboard is more expensive than the CPU and, again, this is just a temporary setup so my GTX 470 can have a CPU good enough for gaming. Same goes for your choice d6bmg.
  3. Nope, but it's fine. I went with it in the end. The only problem that might have occurred was whether the mobo could supply the 140 Watt the phenom 965 needed which it can. I hope i can attach my aftermarket heatsink to it though. It's compatible with the CPU but I don't know about the motherboard.
  4. So I found a Phenom II x4 965 at a pretty decent price and was going to ask you guys for help on picking a mobo. I am looking for the cheapest one i can get my hands on that can support this CPU and not have problems with it. I am currently looking at the Gigabyte 78LMT-S2P. I believe it can support the wattage of the Phenom which is pretty high actually and I have 2x2 gigs of OCZ 1333 RAM that will go along with it. This is just a temporary fix to replace my now deceased i7 and x58 mobo until I will eventually get the money to buy myself back into some serious intel CPUs.
  5. Maybe you can sell your 570 and buy a 680
  6. Replaced socket and NOPE. Doesn't work. From what I can tell it's probably a fault on their part but it's fine since i have a warranty for the job.
  7. I'm not placing the socket lol I have no rework station. I am paying some licnesed store to do it for me.
  8. All the components are fine 'sep for the motherboard. Since the CPU is ok apparently my best solution is to simply change the socket in the mobo since it most likely didn't burn out and just the pins are bent. Anyone know a place in EU i could order one from? Edit: found one already
  9. Consider yourself lucky. Do confirm their T&C before letting them testing your CPU. Their what?
  10. Found a hardware store that was willing to test my CPU. I'll keep you posted.
  11. Any way to test the processor without actually frying another x58? I'm not exactly swimming in cash at the moment
  12. Already hit up the marketplace here for one. I also found a second-hand x-58 for about 100 dollars which is ok. I have to figure out though that my cpu is still running fine first. I'll find someone eventually to test it for me.
  13. Problem is I can't find anyone who has an x58 setup so I can test my CPU (and apparently my Video card). It would probably be a bad idea to get an x58 for nothing.
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