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  1. Yea, that's an issue with the NH-D14. I tried to check, but I couldn't really find any info whether or not the RAM was higher than other RAM. Judging from pictures I'd say there are heat spreaders but they don't look very tall. http://www.corsair.com/products/xms3/xms3.jpg In either case, Corsair heat spreaders are removable. EDIT: Ah, thanks.
  2. Well, the order has been placed. So it's too late now (kinda, not really). I've gone for a little more cost effective (saving $'s for a potential render box or two, magny cours probably), with a plausible upgrade path (980X) for the workstation. All in all pretty mainstream. Intel Core i7 930 Corsair TX650 Samsung 1000GB SATA-300 7200RPM 32MB HD103SJ Spinpoint F3 Noctua NH-D14 Asus P6X58D Premium CoolerMaster HAF 922 GigaByte GTX 460 1024Mb Corsair 12288MB XMS3-1600 DDR3 6X2048MB HX3X12G1600C9 Hopefully no one will comment and say "Oh, but that combination of parts instantly explodes, didn't you know?". Thanks a lot everyone for your help.
  3. At the moment I'm more hinting at the 930. It's a workstation, and a lot of apps I use are single-threaded. And that's where the 930 seems to have the advantage. Disadvantages are lower rendering speed and the fact that I can only afford 6GB RAM at the moment and not 12GB. I'm not sure if I could go 8GB RAM on the 930, but that would mean losing triple channel. BTW, for my overclock I'm forced to conclude that I'll do both Prime95 for 24 hours and run Linx for 100 passes. As much as I love an OC as high as possible, stability is the most important. Period. EDIT: For the mobo I was thinking the Asus P6X58D Premium. Goo? Bad? Suggestions?
  4. 4.5Ghz sounds awesome. But I'm afraid I'm not quite willing to go into watercooling due to price and potential hassle.
  5. Any particular reason? I've always used OC'd systems as workstations, without any issues. I most certainly understand that an OC'd CPU has a shorter life-span, but I only plan to use it for two years max. Of course my experiences are entirely anecdotal evidence and I'd be very much interested in your opinion. Oh, and the 4Ghz is not a must, just a preferred target.
  6. That looks amazing. 8 cores? How come I didn't know about this. Do they overclock at all? Research suggests about 30% so that's still a lot behind the 4Ghz I would get with everyday consumer stuff. Despite the load of rendering I'll be doing it's still a workstation meaning it'll run a lot of single-threaded tasks. Still a lot of thanks for bringing this to my attention. A render farm with a node with 8 cores (or hell, 16 with a different mobo) would be sheer awesome.
  7. You're right. But in the end I'd have more render power with an entirely separate system. For example the 980X has 8.68 points in Cinebench, 2.98 more than the 1090T. So that's $ 700 for 9.98 points. For $ 650 I could get an 890GX mobo, with a 1055T, quality cooler, 4 GB of RAM, WD HD, and quality case + PSU. Without an OC that's 5.03 points for about $650 compared to the 2.98 points for $700 when buying a 980X. Not only that, the render slave can potentially render 24/7, whereas the workstation 980X can only render when you're not working on it. I do agree that it's important to have an as fast production pipeline as possible, which means having as few bottlenecks as possible. However, having an entire other system for rendering will also speed up the work flow.
  8. I've considered that. But for the price of a system with a 980X I could buy a 930/1090T system and another system just to serve as a render slave.
  9. I'm trying to decide between a 930 and a 1090T (or 1055T) for my new workstation. Thing is that I'd overclock either set-up as high as possible (tho stability is paramount) so it's harder for me to use reviews and benchmarks to compare the two as most do not include the OC'd CPU's. TASKS: 3D modeling. Photoshop. Simulations. 3D rendering. After Effects. 1080p editing. I can fully use any core, thread and Mhz while rendering. However, smooth performance while working is also very important. CORE SYSTEM: Samsung 1000GB SATA-300 7200RPM 32MB HD103SJ Spinpoint F3 CoolerMaster HAF 922 (High Air Flow) Corsair TX650 Watt PSU Noctua NH-D14 EVGA GTX 460 1024MB 675/3600 EE (External Exhaust) LG H22LS30 DVD THE DILEMMA: I found a few benchmarks which pitted the OC'd CPU's against each other. http://www.extremeoverclocking.com [...] 0T_15.html Both at 3.8 Ghz and it's obvious that the 1090T is faster at multi-threaded applications, but only by a small margin. This while the 930 is faster in single-threaded applications, but by a larger margin. Am I interpreting this correctly? http://www.techreaction.net/2010/0 [...] an-review/ In this review it seems as if the 920 is able to catch up with the 1090T when they're both OC'd. http://www.overclock3d.net/reviews [...] e_review/5 Strangely enough in this review the 1090 consistently beats the 930. Even when not overclocked, which doesn't seem consistent with other reviews. Tho the review doesn't test any applications like Photoshop or After Effects. Reviews of non OC'd CPU's only increase the confusion. One time the 1090T seems superior and the other time the 930. http://www.anandtech.com/show/3674 [...] reviewed/7 http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/char [...] .html?prod[4477]=on&prod[4438]=on&prod[4437]=on http://www.behardware.com/articles [...] 1055t.html http://www.behardware.com/articles [...] 1055t.html But maybe the non OC reviews aren't really valid. So if anyone can please make sense of which CPU is faster, because to me it seems reviews are contradicting each other. As for other advantages/disadvantages per CPU: I can't afford 12GB of RAM but I can afford 8. So my 1090T build would have 8 and the X58 set-up only 6. The more the better. Apparently when both OC'd to the same Ghz the 1090T and the 1055T are equally fast. This would be quite nice since the 1055T is €100 cheaper. Downsides of the Crosshair IV Formula build are the lack of SLI (which could be a large disadvantage as I'm going to use GPU rendering) and the fact that I can only get a Asus Crosshair IV Formula which is reported to have north bridge overheating issues. Anyways, thanks immensely for all your help.
  10. I'm almost done deciding on my new system and for this one I'm going to try and overclock it. (mobo: Gigabyte Asus P6T, i7 930) I'd prefer a rock steady 3.8Ghz, but rock steady is the most important. However, being new at OC'ing, I'm still in doubt over what kind of RAM to get. This is what I was planning to go for: Corsair 6144MB XMS3-1600 DDR3 6X2048MB TR3X6G1600C9 9-9-9-24 I heard that having all six ram slots occupied makes overclocking a lot harder. Is this true and how much of a difference will this make? Secondly, does latency have any influence on the overclocking process? Does it have anything to do with the RAM multiplier? Considering it doesn't make a noticeable difference I'm reluctant to go for C8. But is it a necessity for overclocking? Thanks in advance for answering my noobish questions! EDIT: Oh and someone have the same RAM and mobo combo?
  11. I think I have it figured out in terms of the 922. There's a kind of beveling on the side panels that doesn't cover the entire side panel. The width of the 922 depends on whether or not you include this beveling on the sides. If you do, it's one of the widest and more spacious cases. As for the RAM... I haven't actually figured out yet what the relation between the speed and the timings of the RAM is. I have yet a few overclocking guides to pour trough. (I'm a huge OC'ing noob)
  12. I'm confused about the HAF 922. It's really the widest case I could find. If I look at the specs of the 922 and the CM 690 it turns out it's a good deal wider. Is this an illusory difference? Currently I'm going with the following RAM: Corsair TR3X6G1333C7 12 GB, DDR3 - 1333, CL7 7-7-20 I hope that's overclockable. Now, for the HD's I was thinking 2 SAMSUNG SPINPOINT F3 1TB's. But you're saying a WD Caviar Black is faster so should be used for OS/apps drive? I was under the impression the Samsung was slightly faster. Thanks for the excellent feedback so far.
  13. I was actually thinking the HAF 922, which is a mid tower. Are you saying I should get the 932, the big tower for the cooler to fit? Consider the mobo changed to the Gigabyte one as it's in fact a bit cheaper and somewhat better.
  14. Any and all comments on the build will be more than welcome. Despite my best efforts at research I still need your feedback. The purpose of the machine will be primarily to function as a 3D/HD video/graphics workstation and secondary to function as a render machine. Both goals, and especially the second, require the PC to have as much raw computing (CPU) power as humanly possible. The system should also be very stable as it will be running days, sometimes even weeks on end with full load. BUDGET RANGE: About $1500 or thereabouts. Since I
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