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    i7 920 2.6g @ 4.1g Cooled by CM Hyper X2 120 Fans
    Asus P6X58D Premium
    6g G. Skill 1600 Tri
    WD 500g x2 Raid 0
    Seagate Barricuda 500g
    WD 600g Externial
    2 GTX 250 SLI 1g each
    CM 850w PS
    CM 932 HAF Monster Case
  1. fivex1950

    Best CPU Cooler 2011 So Far?

    I replaced my old Cool Master Hyper Z600 push pull, with the Noctua NH-D14. What a mistake I made. The Hyper idle temps were 24c/28c, Prime 95 temps after 1 hour 62c. D14 idle temps 39c/42c. Prime 95 after 1 hour 72c. Removed D14 and checked Therm paste and contact points between cpu and base plate. Cleaned installed paste and cooler, ran tests again, no change. Ambiant temps 23c. Very unimpressed with the lack of performance of this product. The Hyper Z600 cools better passively, than the D14 with 3 in line 120mm push pull fans. The only reason I bought the D14, was all the hype and good reviews on how good it cools. It is clear they never installed and used the Hyper Z600, a far superior cooler at a much lower cost factor. I will be installing the The Z600 and use the D14 as a $73.00 paper weight, or a one way boat anchor. Cool Master 932 HAF, i7 920 DO @ 4.030ghz, Asus P6X58D Prem, G.Skill 1600 @ 12g, 2xBarracuda 80g raid0, 1 WD 2T C/B, EVGA GTX 560 Ti. 9800 GTX+ (dedicated physX), Ulra LSP 750w P/S. The overclocking done to this cpu was performed step by step from the oc forum. Live and learn
  2. I believe I have some of the lowest temps posted on this section, for an air cooled system, and in some cases lower than water cooled. I have overclocked this i7 920 to 4.2gb + (verified and posted on CPUID's web site). But it is like a Dragster, you run it FULL OUT at max horsepower it doesn't last very long. That is why I throttled it back to 3.8gb. I noticed MANY of you people running your Intel's at VERY high temps during load testing, 70c +. If you check with Intel, they will highly advise not exceeding 70c at ANY given time. Intel advises not exceeding 68c. Just a word of caution. Motherboard- Asus P6X58 Premium Processor- i7-920 2.6 ghz @ 3.8ghz CPU Cooler- Coolmaster Hyper Z600 w/2-120mm push pull fans P/S Unit- Ultra LSP 750w HD's- 1TB WD Caviar Blk SATA 6 2xWD Caviar Blk 500gb SATA 6 Raid0 Ram- 6gb G.Skill DDR3 1600 Video- 2xNvidia 9800 GT+1G SLI Case- Coolmaster 932 HAF Monster Case
  3. fivex1950

    RAM for I7 system.

    I'm sold on G.Skill, very solid and stable. The 6gigs I run on my P6X58D Premium board are F3-128000CL9T-6GBNQ, 1600. You can really crankum up.
  4. fivex1950

    Thanks OCC for the welcome mat

    Thanks again sdy284, and Nemo respectfuly. fivex1950
  5. fivex1950

    Thanks OCC for the welcome mat

    Thank you all for sharing your vast amount of knowlege cramed into such a small space. Every question I have ever had dealing with hardware software, bios etc was found on this site, and I didn't have to ask a question, because someone allready had the same problem that you guy's and gal's solved. I just happened across you while at a different site, it had a link to you to solve an oc problem. Why stay at that site if you have all the anwsers? So this is where Ill stay if you will have me. Except MDL now and then. Thanks, fivex1950