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  1. ... Thats like saying "i know how to build a motorcycle, so why would i buy a honda." wow... You pay for the name brand, and their know-how.
  2. I just read a review and the guy tells you what parts of the bios you can play with: "Do not pay $200 to overclock the 920 because it is a simple option in the BIOS. Freq/Voltage Control Load Level Overclocking and that is it... you now have a 3.2 GHz 920 processor. You can adjust QPI, Memory Ratio, CPU Core(NonTurbo) Ratio, Vcore Offset, DDR3 Voltage, IOH Voltage QPI and Uncore Voltage, BClk, PCI Frequency, PCI-E Frequency, but NOT the uncore multiplier. Dell's Tech Forum states that overclocking does not void your warrantee, however it also states that overclocking over 3.2 GHz will dramatically reduce the life of the CPU, so I left it at 3.2."
  3. And as i see it, all you got that i didnt was 3 extra gigs of ram, and at 1600 instead of 1333. But also, my rig has 1 more gtx 260 than that. But anyway, i know alienware is more pricey than building it yourself, i knew all this from the start. I have always wanted a alienware rig, and im pretty proud of it. Really sucks, because even though all of you post after "not trying to bash", it is still bashing, and makes it hard to be proud of my new purchase.
  4. Hey i just bought my new computer, and i havent recieved it yet. But i know once i get it, ill want to overclock it to 3.2ghz. I have never overclocked before, but i have been trying to learn over the net. Could anybody help me out here? It would be greatly appreciated. As far as i know, what people mostly need to know for overclocking is the... : Processor: i7 920 2.66ghz Motherboard: mATX Motherboard RAM: 9GB 1333mhz (3X 1024MB 3X 2048MB) Video card: 2X Nvidia GTX 260 Intel
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