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  1. Hey guys, I've got a Gigabyte 5870 (GV-R587UD-1GD) and I'm wanting to replace the cooling solution that came with it. I understand that this is considered a "non-reference" design which makes me wonder what options, if any, I have for aftermarket cooling? Their special inclined fan solution is just too loud for me. My second question is that this card touts a cooling advantage over the reference coolers. My card idles at 47C and gets to a toasty 90-92C in Furmark (with auto-fan control enabled). I'm not sure if it's supposed to get that hot but just thought I'd get your opinions anyway. I've included a GPU-Z and Everest sensor screen caps.
  2. Gentlemen (and ladies) I'm upgrading to an i5 750, but more importantly, I'm looking for feedback on the motherboard and RAM. I can't seem to find an official review for the life of me for the Gigabyte GA-P55-USB3. The only thing I was able to find out about this board was the PCI-E lane speed limitation when using two graphic cards. This isn't exactly a big deal for me as I don't have plans to use two graphic cards. I didn't even use SLI on my current P5N32-E SLI. Anyway, could anyone tell me a little bit more about this board? I'm looking for the best overclocking potential, stability, and reliability. I've always been an ASUS guy, as I've had great success with their boards, however, I've heard some great things about Gigabyte as of late, which is why I am considering a GB board. As far as the memory is concerned, I've read people having great success with the G.Skill Ripjaw series ram with the predecessor of this board. However, I'm not entirely sure WHICH Ripjaw version people are using to achieve excellent clock speeds. My budget is about $500 Canadian dollars for the CPU/RAM/MOBO. Cheers guys!
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