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  1. This would be true with if they keep using the same mark-up for the American products as they use for the Chinese. Really I wouldn't be surprised if the iPad actually only cost 20-40% of their selling price. They could easily increase costs with wellness programs for the Chinese workers and not charge more. Hell, they could maybe make them here and charge the same.
  2. Congrats! I know how hard it is to get a good job that you like going to.
  3. but I'm more amazed that someone is willing to have him kick in the hood of their car for him to do one of the jumps. (0:50 second video)
  4. This is what killed my laptop. You sir have the click of death. What could be happening is that the head of the HDD is hitting the platter. This is most likely the end of your HDD's life. You can read more about it here: Click of Death
  5. McGrimm


    As long as you wall in your home/work area and put up torches nothing will get in. All the monster spawn in the dark. Edit: All this talk about Minecraft is making me want to put it back on my computer.
  6. If you already have the system and your not getting drops below 30fps. I won't go buy anything just to remove the bottleneck now. Just keep the 860 or 750 in mind as a upgrade route for later. The longer you wait to buy the cheaper they'll be.
  7. McGrimm


    I had to force myself to stop playing this game. I was spending way too much time building my castle and underground network to my other castles.
  8. Liquid nitrogen is not very hazardous. I've had a TA put that stuff in his mouth for a second or two then spit it out.
  9. I played through the demo the other day and this games is very good at making you freak out. Play it in the dark and with headphones it makes a big difference.
  10. I would say your bottleneck is the cpu. I'm in the same situation . You need to upgrade to a duo or quad core system if you want to remove the bottleneck.
  11. The first bit is weird but after a month or so you start to like living on your own. I'm in the opposite situation. I finished not to long ago and moving back home feels weird.
  12. The reason why there are so many recalls is because a lot of the auto companies don't want to get slapped like Toyota. I've worked for a parts manufacturer and there is always something wrong with the cars(not always our parts). Before they would just ignore it unless its a big problem but now everyone wants to press the recall button instead of getting bad PR. OP: I hope everything works out.
  13. I don't know how it works in New Zealand but in Canada you have to take the required (or equivalent) courses to get in. If you don't they tell you to comeback when you do. OP: At some point your going to have to take classes that you hate to get the paper you want. I have taken 3 or 4 Math classes that I hated. The last math I did was: Applied Partial Differential Equations with Fourier Series and Boundary Value Problems. At one time I liked math but this is getting crazy.
  14. I think that might be normal. I looked my resource monitor and saw almost the same thing. I had all zeros except one entry. I'm no expert but I don't think you have anything to worry about. Unless your PC is doing something strange. Edit: I just played around with it more. Did you try opening any apps to force the HD to read. Once I did that I was able to get many read entrys? I opened open office. You said that your were downloading MW2 so that might be forcing the HD to spend all it time on writing. I would stop the DL and just start opening programs and looking for reads.
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