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  1. most of the settings are the same http://www.dfi-street.com/forum/showthread.php?t=20823
  2. The DFI expert is not good when it comes to overclocking tccd, but you might have UCCC. Did you buy the ram in 1 2gb set, or 2 1gb sets? If it is UCCC chips, which normally comes in 1 2gb set, use these memory settings. download A64 tweaker
  3. tbone2sk

    3d Mark 2006

    Download from gamershell.com is fast
  4. tbone2sk


    My naked 3000 venice running no divider If you guys are going to post superpi times, atleast post a cpuz too.
  5. The infinity would be perfect if you are not overclocking. I would go with duel 7800gts, because duel 6800gts at this time are pointless.
  6. First you have a crapy psu, and there is no way to control the fan speeds. If you want you can open up your psu and put in a better fan, or run the fan on 7v instead of 12v. The the easiest thing to do is get a better psu, becuase if that thing craps out then all your components might too.
  7. I dount it is that hot. Put your hand behind the psu and see if the air coming out is burning your hand.
  8. I bet that your venice can do 2700mhz, mine does 2800 (312*9). Download maxTcase and post what it is, for my venice it is 55*C http://www.short-media.com/download.php?d=473
  9. I would not run tccd over 2.9, between 2.8 and 2.9 is good
  10. This is the 4th pic with google image, searching is not that hard http://www.marnscda.com/Guide/Short20pin.jpg
  11. Make a hot wirecutter, the plexi will get very hot and then just melt away. http://www.hhhh.org/~joeboy/resources/hotw...oam_cutter.html
  12. dermal low speed with mashingtape covering the top of the plexi
  13. My thinking is if you do have a baby in high school, abort it
  14. There is the old slap on the butt, and then there is drunken rage.
  15. that is what i was going to say, has helped me out a lot with trying out different bios's.
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