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  1. i played the japanese beta and i was impressed with it, even if i could read anything
  2. Please delete this topic. i fixed the problem
  3. right heres my problem i have a MSI k7N2 Delta-L motherborad and when i plug in any usb 2.0 device i get a message saying "This device can work faster, please plug it into a hig speed usb port". even though i have installed SP1 which is supposed to have the USB 2.0 drivers in there. So can anyone point me in the right direction of what to do next?
  4. i've been playing for 4 days constant. Thats from getting up at 11 to playing till 3 in the morning ish. Taking breaks for my personal health of course lol. My mum said i needed to take a break, so i've took 2 days off. Any way i posted to get the views of people on here about this game, what do u guys think about it?
  5. i have a tagan 480w one its as stable as houses. i paid 61 quid for it
  6. by "i'm a manc i meant i support man utd. i've never actuallt lived even near manchester. But cool to find occ members from near me. btw do u know of any local lan parties? big ones. we tried to get ppl from my school to get together and get the sports hall for the weekend but to no avail
  7. silverfox , i hate to say this but i'm a manc. hey good game on saturday eh? unlucky d00d everton are turning into a real good team these days
  8. i always thought that the longer u took made the score lower
  9. 118 not bad. only i got compared to pythagoras . ghee thanks
  10. you cant beat the might icemat! only thing is that annoying feeling when you get something under the mouse and it grinds, solution is to stop eating potato chips at the computer. or use my other hand to eat with .
  11. yeah thats for if you have video in/outs on a drive bay panel, handy really but who has them
  12. i havent had chance to open it up yet, but thanks for the image any way
  13. yeah uk, but not in liverpool itself, more towards whiston, prescot and rainhill way than liverpool
  14. lol nice silverfox, liverpool aint that rough. Is it?
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