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  1. Hello OCC. I am trying to find out if i can use two WD 1,5TB each in raid 0. My motherboard manual says: A raid array over 2TB can only be set as a data disk only. Does this mean that i can only use disks in raid 0 that is up to 1TB each? I'm not planing on using the raid 0 set up as OS disk. I simply want the transfer time when copying over to other disks reduced. I have a MB with sata 6gbs suport. Do you think using two identical in raid 0 will be nice to use when copying over large files to another set up of two disks in raid 0? Will the transfer time be reduced if i try out this?
  2. sweet. The whole series of moh is realy nice. Going to buy it tomorrow then.
  3. Hello members of occ. Im wondering if this pc game works with windows 7, or would i have to play it with vista?
  4. I am currently using two xfx hd 5870. Im thinkign about getting the ZOTAC GeForce GTS 450 1GB AMP! for physX. Im getting 27k now for gpu in vantage performance, and 20500 gpu in High. How much better will my system perform with a 450 for physX? Is it worth it do you think.
  5. I would defenetly go for the 6 core and oc it up to 4ghz. I had the phenomII x4 965 BE(140w) almost one year but had to RTM it. I now have the 1090T and i have it o.c to 4 ghz, and i have to say its a massive improvement. My 3dmark and vantage scores have jumped 5-6k after i got the 6 core cpu. The 6 core is also easy to o.c and have low temps. So the old x4 was a real botleneck for my system. . Intel cpu's are the best though. So if you are getting a complete new system i would get the 930-950 i7 and o.c it good. Or you could wait for the new intel cpu's releases that is coming soon.
  6. Yeah i got under room temps on it now. shows up as 1.4v in cpuz. Il adjust it down a bit then, and run some tests . Cheers
  7. Any suggestions about what voltage i should use for stock speeds. Heard the default voltage is 1.375, but maybe it can be pushed down to 1.2-1.3v ? Good replies might save me some time running different settings and torture tests.
  8. Yeah exactly. That was my opinion too. I know that timing, volt, speed, manufacturer and software has a big difference when it comes to ram. You answeared my question well, ty.
  9. I have discussed some with my friends about sdram memory 240pinn ddr3. If you have an intel 930 u run a tripple channel system, and if you have a phenom II x4 965 u have a dual channel system. My question for you here at occ is: Tripple channel memory and dual channel memory kits only means they have 3 (6)and 2 (4)sticks in each kit right? and the sticks are the same, but only the ammount is different? I could use 3 packs of dual kit(2x2gb) to use in a 930 system if i want, because the sticks are the same?. Or are the dual and tripple channnel sticks built different? Theres so many oppinions about this, so it would be nice to have this issue solved. I use a 2x2GB memory sticks on my phenom II x6 system, and they are from a kit with 3(totaly 6GB), and they work perfectly and have been tested.
  10. Yeah i will. Just waiting for my new cpu. My old one was RTM. Gonna try and flash them with asus bios first.
  11. I have two xfx hd 5870 cards, and i was wondering if the msi afterburner could be used for overklocking them?
  12. theres reviews on it at corsair.com. It runs about 8-10 degrees colder then the H50 on full load and with a stock intel 980x
  13. Hey im thinking about building custom watercooling. Can i use one swiftech http://www.performance-pcs.com/catalog/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=59_201&products_id=28303 on a quad radiator and a dual 120mm. Or will i need two pumps in a two loop system?
  14. Ok thanks. I might try it if i get a cheap INTEL CORE 2 QUAD Q9550S 2.8GHZ 12MB 1333MHZ S-775
  15. Both mbo's have 2.0 and i am using two 5870
  16. Hello members og the occ. I have a question about crossfire. I have two motherboards with different mode in dual crossfire. They have 16x mode and 8x mode. Will 16x give me the best performance, or is it x8 mode dual the maximum speed you will get no matter if you have 16 or 8x mode. I think i read somthing about this issue, and it was said that 8x mode is the maximum, but i cant find this article again.
  17. Tiltentei06


    I have just installed furmark. I have two 5870 in crossfire, and i am wondering if i should use the the normal furmark instead of the dual furmark. I tried dual gpu but screen froze, so i gues that it should only be used for graphics cards with two gpu and not crossfire or sli with 1 gpu cards. The normal furmark stability test works fine. How long should i let it run?
  18. Hi i am going to sleeve some cathodes. The plug looks almost same as the fan plugs. For removal, shall i just use same techniques as we use on the fans?
  19. Im thinking about building a case in wood, acryl and some steel. This case is going to have water cooling, but i havent decided the size of the case and how big the rad should be. I think the MagiCool XTREME NOVA 1080 ( 9 X 120mm) Radiator looks good, and also think it would be highly effective. If someone on this forum already got one, could you tell me if its good or not please. Also would be interested about your set up and what temps you got when using it. The next radiator is the Black Ice
  20. I got the X500 in my living room, and its a very good looking case. I use it for music, movies, downloads, surfing, but not that much for gaming since i got a much bigger gaming computer in my room. I personaly would get the corsair case. Its very nice and have a lot of room and good features. I have only found one negative thing with that case. It only have one intake fan, but maybe thats enough. The case is great for water cooling, but if you just gonna use air, i would get 3 ekstra fans and install them at the top. You will need them anyways if you go water cooling later on anyways
  21. I would recomend the Silverstone Fortress II, it got so many cool features, so you should check it out if your not already purchased one. The Antec 900 is a good case and there are many good from Lian Li.
  22. Hey i was wondering about, and this may be a noob question, but anyways heres my question. Will you get the same fps on two different size screens. Lets say a full hd 22" and a 27" full hd. Running both screens with same pc and on 1920x1080 resolution. I got a feeling that the 27" will get lower fps but im checking with you experts about this.
  23. Nice of Intel and Amd to make new cpu's that fit the sockets am3 and 1366. Got the Phenom II X4 965 black edition now but it isnt any good to o.c since its a 140W. If the new am3 cpu is good to o.c i might replace the 965. Intel is way to expencive compared to amd. The 980X cost around 1300$ here in Norway, and that is sick. Wonder when we get 8 cores cpu'c?
  24. I got 4x SilenX fan, iXtrema PRO IXP-74-14, 120x120x25mm, 122m
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