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  1. Sorry Black Cat, I didn't think posting a card that was a whole $3 over your budget would offend you so much. Just trying to help man. God, I will personally Paypal you the difference so you can get the 9600Pro, just send me your Paypal account info.
  2. Off topic? I was talking about the X1800XT and 7800GTX, this is off topic how? Maybe spending the extra money is worth it to people who don't want to look at their games shimmering and have a stable set of drivers.
  3. A 9600 Pro would stomp any FX5200 on the planet. 256mb of ram does nothing for any card slower than a 9800XT or so.
  4. I would agree with Swifty and say that the 9600 Pro would be your best choice at that price. I found one for $3 cheaper though .
  5. You are correct (well except for your abreviation for PCI-E ). Nvidia has no plans to adapt their new cards to AGP.
  6. So first you wanted to die, now you are relieving stress? Can't you even stick to your story for two straight posts?
  7. I never doubted that it happened, I simply questioned your motives. And believe me, I know what I am talking about. Luckily my little teenage drama queen years are behind me.
  8. There also may be some minor differences between warranties. Nothing to really worry about however. Just get whichever card is the cheapest.
  9. Well, it seems that the cry for attention played out pretty nicely then.
  10. You realize that the X1800XT is not in any way shape or form slower than the 7800GTX256 right? I mean I know you are an avid Nvidia fan boy and all, but these are the facts. (BTW, I own 4 Nvidia and 2 ATi cards for reference).
  11. They really are pretty bad. Especially for the prices that Tt tries to sell the things for.
  12. Yea, if you spend $600 on an X1800XT, you are just plain stupid. Also, show me where you can buy a 7800GTX 512mb RIGHT NOW for $650, yea I didn't think so.
  13. I don't think he wasted money at all. It's not like the DFI is more than any other comparable board out there. And it is more stable and reliable even in every day "normal" use. I choose DFI mobo's for every build I do, even if the person is not planning on OCing just because they are a very well built board.
  14. Well yes, ideally, however looking at all of his other choices I think that would be a bit out of his intended price range.
  15. I would try to get an Nvidia 6200 or 6600, stay away from the FX series!!
  16. If you are planning on OCing I would suggest an aftermarket heatsink such as the Thermalright XP90c. And why such a small HDD? 80gigs?? Even 200-250 gig HDDs are very affordable, not to mention the speed increase they enjoy over their older, smaller, counterparts.
  17. All HDDs are really quite similiar, there definitly isn't enough of a difference to brand one "definitly the worst". I say get whichever HDD you want as it doesn't matter all that much. And another thing, we are now in the age of 16mb caches, thus 99% of the raptor's speed advantage is gone, and it is no longer worth messing with the high price / low capacity anymore.
  18. If you come on too strong early in the relationship you will freak most girls out because they will think you are desperate/crazy.
  19. It is simply a ratio that runs your FSB faster than your ram. The most common to use (besides the default 1:1) is the 5:6 ratio, meaning for every 6 FSB your CPU is running, the ram will only run at 5. So, in that case, if your CPU was running at 300 FSB, your ram would only run at 250.
  20. No, go for it. You may have to run a divider however.
  21. 70 pounds is not 100 pounds, hence the reason I would be INCREDIBLY surprised if you packed another 30 pounds into the thing. I never said it was impossible.
  22. I would be INCREDIBLY surprised. It weighs 39 pounds empty, you don't put 60 pounds of components in it, sorry.
  23. Yes, as others have said make sure you get a 24 pin ATX connector with dual 12v rails (this is referred to as ATX 2.0).
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