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  1. Umm removing the bottleneck that cheap/slow ram presents so you can achieve the highest CPU overclock possible seems to be the logic.
  2. You going to sell the 6600GT to help cover the cost of the 7800GTX?
  3. Too bad it only has one gig of ram, but pretty good overall.
  4. That one should be fine. Not my first choice, but good nonetheless.
  5. RTS and Strategy are two entirely different genres. And anyway Master of Orion was pretty good too .
  6. So, if you know him, and know what PC he should build to suit his needs why even bother asking the forum?
  7. Actually Westwood Studios invented the RTS genre with Dune II.
  8. Have you tried running a divider on the ram yet?
  9. Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War and Starcraft for me.
  10. His Forton will power his system just fine. Do not be fooled by the price tag.
  11. Just wait, you don't want to damage your PC with a crappy PSU do you?
  12. I figured that was too obvious and that you had undoubtedly tried it .
  13. USPS's tracking is actually no more than delivery conformation, it is not designed to actually track packages through their shipping centers. The name "tracking" is a gross misnomer.
  14. Your misreading is forgiven then. Be careful out there .
  15. You're actually reading and posting in forums while driving? :
  16. Wow, I am so glad I buy my own hardware. And that I can ruin my brother's butt if he tried anything like that.
  17. It will be far faster, hence when you said "i'm pretty sure this 150/7800GT combo running stock would run just as fast as my old 3.0E @ 3.8Ghz". I responded with "If not far faster". If you have any ability in the English language at all you will see that I was saying that your setup will actually not be as fast as your old one, it will be far faster. Christ, this is the first time I have had to argue about a complement I gave someone.
  18. Well, assuming you purchased the dang thing I would just take it out from under your tree and plug the bastard in.
  19. One of the first things I ordered for my new PC in the works was the PSU . Of course that was mostly so I could start sleeving it.
  20. They made it "removable" as you say so it is off of the board and therefore has less electrostatic interference from the motherboards other electronics, resulting in clearer sound.
  21. To get condensation on the card it has to be cooler than the ambient temperature, therefore if it is 35 degrees, and the outside air is 35 degrees there is no danger. Also, it is not like our trailers are heated or anything, ALL packages sit out in the cold for days, not hours, it's not like it hurts anything. Sheesh some peoples view of parcel carriers are so incredibly warped.
  22. The bad part is that Sapphire does not and has not supported this board nearly as much as DFI does. It is already using a 6 month old bios that was on the reference boards, I don't even know if Sapphire will ever update the bios on it. Therefore I will gladly pay $20 extra for CF and much better support.
  23. I don't see a compelling reason to use that over the DFI crossfire board.
  24. Just because Nvidia paid the company to put their logo on the box does not mean that it "takes advantage of Nvidia hardware". Please.
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