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  1. Modding your case really isn't something that a lazy person should do. Because when that happens you just end up with all this glue and duct tape in your case.
  2. Nothing beats ruining your health and bloating yourself with Mcdonalds crap food! :thumbs-up:
  3. Mushkin gets my vote, but the Gskill would be fine as well.
  4. $20 more and you have yourself a 520w Powerstream.
  5. Are you going to go ahead and sleeve it? I just got done sleeving my OCZ Powerstream and let me tell you, THAT is an all day job.
  6. HG, you should see how bad FEAR stutters on my friends high end (3700+ @ 2.8 ghz, X850XT PE) system with his 1 gig of ram. He is forced to turn it down to medium or he will get 2-3 second stutters often, and sometimes even 5-10 seconds.
  7. Do yourself a favor and just get one X1800XT instead of the two X850s. It will be just as fast (a tad faster sometimes) and has newer technology all for less money, space, and heat.
  8. I wouldn't say that 1gb sticks "suck" for overclocking. They certainly can't get as tight of timings as 512mb sticks but they scale up to 290-300FSB fairly well. I would rather have 2gb at 3-4-4-8 then 1gb at 2-2-2-5 anyday.
  9. Yep, Winflash works well with DFI mobos.
  10. Nagash

    Quake Ii

    So I purchased the Quake IV collector's edition DVD and with it comes Quake II and both of its expansions. Wow I forgot how fun this game was. I used to play it at a cyber caf
  11. GTO by far, almost twice as fast really.
  12. The 7800GTX 512 is basically vaporware. After it's initial release (they made sure to get plenty to the press so they can rave about it) it is nigh impossible for a mere mortal to find one to buy. Let alone at $650, I have yet to see one for less than $749.
  13. The game is a little laggy, and you can't change your controls (atleast I can't figure out how to do so) but it is pretty fun.
  14. Yes, I am kidding you hence the roll eyes smiley at the end of the post.
  15. Yea, Nvidia has never ever fallen behind ATi in performance! Geforce 4s were faster than the R300 right? And don't forget the FX series! They stomped all over the 9800 Pro and XT, just slaughtered them!
  16. Nagash

    Raid Q's

    You shouldn't experience any freezing or stuttering with raid. Something is amiss here.
  17. I have a PCI-Express X850XT PE with a Zalman VF700 cooler on it that I no longer need. I had it running 600/600 in my PC without it ever artifacting so it may go higher I just didn't really want to push it. I will sell it for $225 shipped to your door (in the continental US) and will include the stock cooler if you would like. I only accept Paypal. Thanks for looking.
  18. Computer Power User and Maximum PC are my two favorites.
  19. OCZ has always confused me with their ram ratings .
  20. I don't know if any system will play EQ2 flawlessly. That game seems to have more bugs than it knows what to do with.
  21. If you don't have any Al in your cooling loop, you can use as low as 5% anti-freeze as you won't have to worry about corrosion at all.
  22. It is a lot less work for people to help you if they don't have to click every single link just to see what you are building.
  23. Seems pretty normal to me. Remember though, idle temps don't really mean anything.
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