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  1. Don't play the waiting game with PC hardware. Let's say you build an awesome PCI-E s939 system today, and then socket M2 comes out tomorrow. Guess what? Your PC didn't get any slower then it was yesterday. It still scores 10,000 in 3dmark05 (with an ATi card atleast ) and it will still run any game out with max settings. Just buy the hardware that you want now, and enjoy it. When it starts to show its age in a year or two guess what? All that great hardware you were waiting for is out and has dropped in price and is ready for you to buy.
  2. If you want something cheap and disposable which is TOTALLY lint free I suggest that you use coffee filters. They are designed to leave no lint (don't want that in your coffee) and you can just throw them away when you are done cleaning.
  3. It is a lot bigger deal then you guys think. Go over to Xtremesystems.org there has been some pretty conclusive testing done on the subject.
  4. God anywhere but TigerDirect.com.
  5. I (and many others) trust Forton PSUs just as much as Antec. They are not an off brand.
  6. Any component that would suffer from your pump releasing heat into the air already have a waterblock slapped on top of them.
  7. One thing that I didn't think about initially was that it is really stupid to submerge your pump inside your res. When it is fully submerged in the water it will dump ALL of it's heat into your water, therefore heating up your entire loop.
  8. I have used that Forton PSU in a friend's PC and it worked great, even overclocked the CPU and video card.
  9. Alphacool is renowned for cool looks and downright mediocre performance.
  10. The P180 while large, has so many segregations inside of it that it makes water cooling a lot more challenging than inside a more traditional case.
  11. Smart guy . Seriously though, nice card and nice score on 3dmark, especially if that is stock clocks. Have fun with it.
  12. If you plug a SATA II drive into a SATA port it just won't use the (worthless) SATA II features.
  13. Wow, I never thought I would see so many people on OVERCLOCKERS club speak out against overclocking. Yes, there are gains to be had, and yes, there are risks that are taken. Where you want to balance your PC between the gain and risk is entirely up to you.
  14. DFI boards are very reliable and solid if you are overclocking or not (although Gigabyte is a good suggestion also). However, I would suggest that if you want a DFI board go for the Infinity, at $90 it is hard to find a more dependable board with as many options anywhere near the same price.
  15. Maybe play some games? You know, enjoy that new PC that you just spent $1,500 on .
  16. Every motherboard I have seen will attempt to POST with a bad CPU. It will then throw some warning beeps at you. So if it is like you say, it sounds like the mobo alright. Have you tried clearing the CMOS (you probably have, just making sure).
  17. Don't let people criticize you for your choice of the X1800XT, the 7800GTX isn't any faster, and it has less features. Be happy with your PC.
  18. Exactly! If you don't have any money, just be happy with the PC that your parents bought you and therefore cost you $0.
  19. It just looks like a texture they added the the walls of the shaft. Unless there is something I am not seeing.
  20. Oh yea, $120 what a rip off for a top of the line motherboard.
  21. Wow talk about the most overpriced X1800XT ever. Doesn't this one seem more reasonable? Return it to Newegg if possible and save yourself $100.
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