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  1. The 6800XT is only 8 pipelines and the 6600GT is significantly faster
  2. No, his misread your post and apparently didn't look which forum it was posted under either.
  3. Nagash


    Oh I get it! It's 1997! Oh wait, no it isn't .
  4. That, and the fact that it stars all of Adam Sandler's nobody tag-along wannabe actor friends is more then enough reason for me to stay the hell away from this one.
  5. Umm 3dmark05 loop test anyone?
  6. Yes most cards, not the X1800 series however. They have seperate 2d and 3d clocks.
  7. Yea, my Viewsonic is a 12ms 19" and it looks great for games. I couldn't be happier with it.
  8. I have a DFI RDX200 (same physical layout as the expert. I am using a Maze 4 waterblock on my X1800XT (same mounts as the 7800GTX) and it all fits great.
  9. All of the "jokes" I saw on the trailer looked FAR below the level of any adult audience.
  10. Those are most likely your 2D clocks.
  11. An X700Pro is definitly better than a vanilla 6600 any day of the week.
  12. Ok, perhaps I should have said "Any LCD I personally think is worth using has a DVI connector". Although my mom does have a 17" Sony LCD that is VGA and it doesn't look bad, I just don't see why people don't pony up the extra cash for the DVI.
  13. Because I opened it up and sleeved it and now it won't turn on :angry2: . My second OCZ Powerstream 520w will be here tomorrow.
  14. DVI cables provide a link for your video card to interact with the monitor via digital signal. Analog (or VGA) cables also link the video card to the monitor, however it is not a digital signal. Any LCD worth using has a pure digital output via its DVI port, when you are forced to adapt the signal to VGA it loses some of the quality of the signal. Basically, buy a DVI cable, or a monitor that comes with one.
  15. Panasonic IS Panaflow . That is simply their high (or ultra high) speed fan. I would recommend the medium speed 120mm by Panaflow. Check out SVC if you think $18 is a bit much for a fan. Bad Newegg! :angry2:
  16. I was also under the impression that as long as the wires were the same color it didn't matter if they went into the exact same slot again. Like the ATX connector has about 10 black wires I thought it didn't matter what which black was in a slot, as long as it is in a slot designed for a black wire. It appears that I may be wrong. When I re-wired the PSU I just made sure that everything got into the same slot as far as color, not neccesarily the same slot that it was in to begin with, just the same color order. Is this wrong? And if so, is there any possible way to figure out how to re-wire it correctly? Thanks for your help in this.
  17. I concur with the Samsung 940b. An LCD will treat your eyes a lot better than any CRT.
  18. That is a bit of a sensitive issue . You can check my post in the PSU section. However, it will have a 520W OCZ Powerstream running it, one way or another.
  19. Yea, it is an X1800XT not an X800XT .
  20. Heh I just took all of our old ones out to the west desert here by Utah Lake and shot the crap out of them . Not entirely legal or responsible I'm sure, but fun!
  21. Snagged this little baby from Ewiz.com for $465. It should compliment my new PC nicely. :thumbs-up: B:)
  22. I took out the 4 screws with allowed me to slide the two pieces of sheetmetal apart, enabling me to get the sleeving all the way into the PSU. Yes, I flicked the powerswitch on and off many times and tried two different AC cords one of which I KNOW is good. No spare mobo and I'll be danged if I subject my RDX200 to this thing in it's current state. Edit: Will a PC turn on (atleast enough to activate the PSU fans and leds) without any hardware in it? In other words I am just plugging my PSU into the DFI RDX200 and trying to power it in using the built in power button on the mobo. When I flip the PSU on the "LED 1" led lights up on the board, it is towards the bottom left corner and is yellow. However when I hit the power button nothing else happens. Just curious if I need to put more hardware in or not.
  23. In preperation for my new PC I took apart and sleeved my OCZ Powerstream 520w. After reassembling it and rewiring all of the connectors I decided to see what my CCFLs would look like inside my case. So I decided to jump my PSU with a paperclip on the green and black wires. However, it does not power on. I have done this paperclip trick on many PSUs (including one identical to this) so it should power on. Is there anything I could have accidently done while sleeving the PSU that would have resulted in its death? And if so, is there anything in particular I should look for, perhaps I can repair the damage. If you have any further insight please let me know, having my $130 PSU which I spent hours sleeving just sitting there dead is killing me .
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