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  1. Just make sure you spend some real quality time with her. Make her feel like it is "her" day, and that you have planned everything around her. Girls like to feel important.
  2. My girlfriend has really enjoyed the two gun I have given her, might see if yours will like one .
  3. The Lian Li PC 75 is bigger, better and sexier .
  4. Also his choice of a 17 inch LCD is kind of weird, not really even any point in running SLI at the resolutions that it will support.
  5. All of the 7800GTXs are the same really. If warranty matters to you (I personally don't see what all the fuss is about) then choose one with a lifetime warranty. Also, some of the coolers are better than others, but none of them can touch a good aftermarket cooler.
  6. If anything an Opteron would be more reliable than a regular Athlon 64. However, I really doubt there is any difference in that department.
  7. Oh, I got all excited until I realized he was talking about an Intel .
  8. Not bad, personally I would go for an X1800XT and an Opteron 148. But your setup is pretty decent.
  9. Why not look into the s939 Opteron line for your dual core needs?
  10. Those are the 512mb versions, so he has a lot more than $900 invested into the VGA cards.
  11. And this relates to miscellaneous hardware how...?
  12. I really don't see what all the buzz is about this P180 case, it looks terribly cramped and is made out of heavy, ugly, steel.
  13. DFI boards are where it is at right now (and really ever since their NF2 boards came out). Please get one of those over ANY Abit board. Also, if you want a X1800XT don't pay Neweggs excessive price. Doesn't this seem like a little bit better price to you?
  14. How much did you end up paying for the card? If you got it anywhere close to $200 you did pretty well.
  15. I have used this same avatar on many different forums for over 5 years now. I don't get why people change theirs at all, let alone every week or so. It is supposed to be your identity, not a flavor of the month impulse click.
  16. Just get a night job like I have, I stay up all night 5 days a week anyway, so these lan parties are timed perfectly for my schedule. That way I don't have to consume a 12 pack of syrupy, empty, calories just to stay awake.
  17. The boards are FIXED!!! They had a little problem with their earlier bios which is now updated and works great.
  18. I know that you don't care for that resolution because it is a 5:4 scale when most monitors are 4:3 scale thereby distorting the image. However, were you aware that some LCDs that come in that resolution (such as my Viewsonic VP912b) are actually physically a 5:4 ratio as well? Therefore negating any of the image distortion problems that the 1280X1024 resolution would normally have.
  19. Both of these appear to be in stock and well below the $600 mark.
  20. If it is here by February I'd be happy.
  21. Hell, I am sticking with my 9700Pro in anticipation of the R580.
  22. Yea, this took all day to find, thank god they are in stock .
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