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  1. nope.. i had to pay the return shipping.. ya i posted some of these pics on other forums too.
  2. this is how far i got on friday.. ill see what more i can do tomorrow. but basically im waiting for the cpu.. connecting all the stuff to the mobo seems like the "scary/hard" part. oh also my DVD drive was OEM.. do you know what cables ill need to pick up, i wassnt able to get anything this weekend yet. Here is my progress so far.. oh the pantyhose was put on the front bezel and side fan (not shown yet) to act as filters.
  3. So i guess ill start my build progress soon.. everything is in from egg save the cpu.. assembly and picture time i suppose... i also think i need a sata data and power cable so im off to the store... wonder if n e one will care about this thread since its not i7 fakery anymore?
  4. Ya it was shipped just like that.. I found on other forums someone else had a similar product and alot of people are calling fake, and thats its a forum hoax. I promise its not, and its even more frustrating seeing people not believing when im already frustrated I cant start my build.
  5. So I decided to get things rolling and document my progress through my first ever build, not to mention my new rig since my one from like 2002 just died and it was going to be more of a hassle to get her working again for shoddy performance. soo... some stuff from the egg came in today... maybe half of what i ordered.. ill post those pics later but first i want to show you guys this... RMA now i am waiting another 10 days so frustrated
  6. as long as the drive isnt toast i can just reformat them right.. and basically start over.. thats in the case of a corruption.
  7. Hey everyone. This is my first build ever and I am very excited. I wanted to ask you all if you had any recomendations that I might not know or general information that would be great. I plan on trying my hand at ocing my i7-920,Gpu, and maybe RAM. if i can do it safely and keep stuff stable. This PC will be my work computer as well as gaming so I cant afford to have it go bonkers on me. i should get all my hardware by this friday/sat some questions i have are 1 - Should I run my 2 HDD's in Raid0? - my HDDs are the samsung spinpoint F3 1TB im a little afraind of having an HDD failure and loosing both drives. atleast that is what I have heard about RAID0 problems. 2 - I plan on following the ShortStroke for Raid following these http://www.overclockers.com/short-stroke-raid/ instructions. and put my OS - Win7 64 there. I have also read about Partitioning your HDD and put your OS in that partition. Is it a one or the other in this situation? would i either partition my HDD and put it there or do the ShortStroke, or still, can i partition the area i shortstroked just for my OS? these things are confusing to me =/ 3 - If i do partition for OS, roughly how big do you recommend? and if I do partition, can I still run RAID0? 4 - what programs should i start to download now that i have internet access to put on my newly build PC.. i heard its a good idea to install a Firewall and Antivirus before hooking it up to the internet. Can you guys recommend some stuff like this that i can start to get ready and install as soon as its running. that will probably help speed stuff up by having me not waste time. Im sure ill have more questions when i start OC'ing seeing as I read a guide for i7 and was a little confused. All this is a totally new process to me so thank you all for your help so far in picking my hardware, now its just the build and then getting this sucker up and running in top form. THANKS AGAIN
  8. cut the price a little by not getting the OC'ed gpu and different RAM i figure i will just OC the GPU a bit so i can save some money http://secure.newegg.com/WishList/PublicWi...Number=17775248 its almost that time to order.. any last comments?
  9. oh ya i almost totally forgot the OS disk.. what version of win7 64 will suffice?
  10. so i decided to post this after lots of research and some help to see what you guys think about it. it will be my first build and first attempt at some mild OC'ing i will be using it for games, photoshop, maya, zbrush and stuff like that.. http://secure.newegg.com/WishList/PublicWi...Number=17775248 accessories for the mega http://www.frozencpu.com/products/10026/fa...?tl=g36c365s936 2 fans for push pull http://www.frozencpu.com/products/8418/cab...tter_Cable.html a cable for the fans to control speed anyone know another good place to use besides newegg.. in the past couple hours some items went outta stock =( looking to order this and have it running asap i want this pc to last as long as possible with minimal upgrades so if im missing n e thing that would affect that please let me know. thanks everyone
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