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  1. Rebalancing is a toss-up, imo, it's probably just most people as rebels don't know what they need to do. Meanwhile, as Imperials, you don't need to know what to do, just go out and kill.
  2. Definitely have to narrow it down. Btw, does it give you a BSOD code?
  3. I won a couple of times as the Rebels. The key is to get those uplinks to start whaling on those AT-AT's, and air superiority. Btw, I should probably upload some screenshots or video as well. Been getting some really nice Kill/Death ratios like 25/2 and 23/4 (on the non-AT-AT map). Badly-timed nearby enemy spawning is usually what gets me killed a lot in MP. I hardly ever zoom in to fire, and headshots are key. If zooming in was a lot faster, I'd probably use it more.
  4. Nice! Playing sports games / adventure games would be pretty sweet, although I'm not sure about RTS or FPS games.
  5. Not too bad. Not as great as I thought it would be. Typical FPS level-up fare. Basically, a mix of Battlefield and Titanfall wrapped in a Star Wars theme.
  6. I'll be trying it with a friend of mine sometime tonight.
  7. I used to work for the company the founder of LoopPay started before LoopPay (Roam Data, which was acquired by Ingenico). Very sloppy companies. They're in it to start up mobile payments with encryption, then sell it. Very easy to hack into their network... which is why I stay away.
  8. Watch your units. Eh, you know what I mean. It's just a habit. When dealing with 100 Gbps networks it takes a lot of ambiguity out if you make sure people keep track of units properly. Yeah, I know. I do the same. I just say it's okay when I happen to do it.
  9. Watch your units. Eh, you know what I mean.
  10. Still rocking with RCN... 175MB/s down, 30MB/s up.
  11. I don't think anyone's disputing AssRock's quality when the board's work. It's when they don't work, and you have to go through their mind-numbing RMA process. I have my receipt. I have my product. It's not working, and it still under warranty. What's the problem? AssRock. Apparently, you have to call customer service, talk with their manager, talk with his manager, get the RMA approved, and then you can send it in for RMA.
  12. ASUS has the same warranty policy as MSI and Gigabyte, you don't have to have anything but the serial sticker on the product to send it in for RMA. I'm just saying that open box from Newegg from ASUS is actually recertified/refurbished, and not actually open box.
  13. Haha. ASrock = Ass rock If you ever get open box motherboards, get MSI or Gigabyte. They will get full warranty from the first date of purchase (which you won't know), but that's still roughly 3 years. If you get an ASUS motherboard open box, they might be recertified, which only gives you 90 days warranty.
  14. 24" 1080P, I'm assuming? Borderlands 1 and 2 and BF4? Even a single HD 7850 should hold up well with those games. Anything better is just maxing out the settings and trying to max minimum 60 FPS, which you don't necessarily need to do.
  15. I personally use Samsung Smartcam HD Pro cameras. If I want to use it outdoors, I use a Neutral Density lens filter taped to it, and prevent night vision from being used. It can provide up to 1080P HD quality, and it will save locally on a microSD card, as well as on the cloud (basically, uploads to my gmail account via Picasso). So, I can look back on any event, and any motion event that gets triggered gets sent to my e-mail. If someone's robbing me, I can call 9-1-1, and if they aren't wearing a mask, their ugly mug is going to be recorded. Also, buy a big dog. That helps.
  16. Comes in 2nd to ASUS's GTX 980 Ti PAT RIOTS edition.
  17. Yeah, Chrome has become pretty shitty now, but I still use it. Firefox has been the better and more stable browser these days, imo.
  18. "There will be plenty fair quiet libraries to read." - Roy Taylor
  19. CPU's nor PCIE 2.0 won't bottleneck graphics cards. At most, there are two things that your CPU will have effect on from my experience and tests: 1. Minimum FPS. Going from an i7-950 to an i7-2600K back in the day and running some graphics benchmarks, the only improvement I noticed was the minimum FPS being on average 5 - 10 FPS higher. That had a minimal gain in total average FPS. Not sure if it was the PCIE 3.0, or the CPU. It didn't matter if the 2600K was at stock, or overclocked to 4.9GHz. 2. Physics. CPU demanding games aren't optimized to use the graphics card to offset compute tasks because some cards aren't optimal at it, and it takes away from the rendering workload. This is the game's design decision, if there was an option to choose between compute processing within the game's options, that would solve most people's issues with what they think is bottlenecking their gaming.
  20. Hating Bill Gates for Windows 10 is like hating Steve Jobs for the iPhone 6 plus.
  21. What games and at what resolution and refresh rate does he play at? The GTX 980 and GTX 780Ti are roughly the same performance, but the extra 1GB VRAM might help a little versus the GTX 780Ti's 3GB. Of course, two cards in SLI is always going to perform better, but SLI support isn't always available, and sometimes stuttering can be a visible issue, although I've never had noticeable stuttering issues with two powerful cards. Two lower to lower-mid end cards, I can notice stuttering. At any rate, for 2560 x 1600 gaming at 60Hz at near max settings, a single GTX 780Ti 3GB is more than fine. However, if you're trying to play at 120Hz at 1440P at near max settings, then you'll definitely want to go the SLI route, or you'll never get close to the full refresh rate capable for that monitor.
  22. I don't know, either, but I've often seen Amazon putting products with the original box in a larger Amazon-labelled shipping box.
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