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  1. Again, I would agree with you (and disagree with myself) until more than 3.5GB's worth of VRAM gets used. Then there's going to be big performance hits making games near unplayable. NVIDIA calls it a 2% - 4% FPS drop, but that's FPS (and also incorrect, it can be as much as a 50% drop). That doesn't account for the stuttering. I still have GTX 970's around (1920 x 1200 60Hz single card systems), but I have to limit the graphics settings on games that have that issue. Otherwise, yeah, better card in every way. Let me get this straight. You're saying the OP should buy a 780 Ti, a 3 GB card, over a card with 4 GB of VRAM (3.5 GB at full speed), because...if you use more than 3.5 GB the 970 might slow down a bit? The 780 Ti will fall flat on its face LONG before a 970 will even begin to choke. I don't see the logic here at all. The GTX 780 Ti is actually marginally better than the GTX 970 in performance, particularly at 1200P gaming or lower. Go higher than that, and where games utilize > 3GB but < 3.6GB VRAM, the GTX 970 will outperform the GTX 780 Ti due to the extra 0.5GB VRAM. Anything over 3.5GB VRAM usage on the GTX 970, you're going to get worse performance than a GTX 780 Ti with over 3GB VRAM usage. I would trade my GTX 970 4GB's for GTX 780 Ti 3GB's any day. I'm fine with my GTX 980's and GTX 980 Ti for higher resolution or HD texture mod gaming purposes.
  2. Again, I would agree with you (and disagree with myself) until more than 3.5GB's worth of VRAM gets used. Then there's going to be big performance hits making games near unplayable. NVIDIA calls it a 2% - 4% FPS drop, but that's FPS (and also incorrect, it can be as much as a 50% drop). That doesn't account for the stuttering. I still have GTX 970's around (1920 x 1200 60Hz single card systems), but I have to limit the graphics settings on games that have that issue. Otherwise, yeah, better card in every way.
  3. ^ Same here. Last one was the Phenom II x6 1090T. I liked that CPU, too.
  4. Normally, I'd vouch for the GTX 970, but there is no fix for their 3.5GB+ VRAM throttle issue. I always wondered why my two GTX 970's in SLI on a 1440P 110Hz overclocked monitor had so many issues. Go for the GTX 780 Ti if you're choosing between the two.
  5. Also, even though your memory is rated at 1866Mhz (not sure what the timings are), but set it to 1600MHz and loosen your timings. If they're 9-9-9-24-2T, set them to 10-10-10-30-2T. After Ivy Bridge, "CPU clock is king". You'll hear that term being used quite a bit.
  6. Sorry, lost track of this thread, lol. Some headphones around your price range (which will vary due to your location). I recommend reading some reviews and if they seem like they fit your needs/wants. AKG K553 Pro Studio Headphone Sennheiser HD598 Sennheiser HD595 Dynamic High Grade Performance Premiere Headphones Ultrasone HFI-580 S-Logic Surround Sound Professional Headphones Sony MDRV6 Studio Monitor Headphones with CCAW Voice Coil Turtle Beach - Ear Force XP400 Plantronics GameCom 780 Surround Sound Stereo PC Gaming Headset
  7. Use the link in my sig, helped when I overclocked my Phenom II x6 1090T.
  8. Yeah, we have a toddler, and will be hard to find a babysitter during that time. Gonna be a blackout on Facebook and any news media outlet until I watch it, lol.
  9. How do stupid people get money to pay for this shit?
  10. Spotted the first asian guy on Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer. It's Ken Leung! Hopefully, it won't be some random asian guy on screen for 4 seconds saying, "I'm hit!", then showing how bad asian pilots are. I mean, come on, at least Kamikaze into something!
  11. I tell them how to approach updating existing servers in an environment in a logical way, and the people above me are against it because it would take too much time. So, instead of swapping out one 2003 server to a 2012 server at a time (that way we can isolate issues to the single upgraded 2012 server), they are going to replace all 2003 servers with 2012 servers at the same time and see if everything just works. How would you recommend doing this transition? For me, I know any upgrade should be done at one component at a time, that way you can easily isolate issues if there's a problem.
  12. I am still using Logitech G500 and G500s's. Headphones are a tricky business. 1. What's your budget? 2. Are you looking for sound quality or sound isolation? 3. Do you have a dedicated sound card and/or amp, or will you be using your onboard sound from your motherboard? 4. Will you be using your headphones primarily for gaming, or music, or a mix of both?
  13. I tried a few Kickstarter and early access Steam games, and a few that I like still haven't evolved past the Alpha or Beta stage, yet. The others I haven't played again, since I didn't like them during the stage of development that I tried them. There's pro's and cons to them, but in the end, I like paying little or nothing for them (like Minecraft when it was in alpha stage for free), or paying what amount I want to help them reach their goal to have enough funds to complete their game. No way I'd pay more than $20 for these games, though. Maybe $5.
  14. It should be okay. Most of the rendering will be used by the CPU with Illustrator. Rotating the canvas may use GPU processing. For what you're mainly using it for, I don't see it as a problem. I guess the main question is whether you need a strong graphics card (or iGPU, or APU, or whatever) for what you're doing. As far as how terrible Iris Pro graphics is for what you're doing? Not so terrible. How terrible is Iris Pro graphics for what you aren't doing? It depends.
  15. Just use dyndns or any other type of similar service (to get rid of your DNS or IP errors). Most have free services.
  16. Been researching more into Fallout 4, and I just pre-ordered it. Going to see if it floats my boat this time around.
  17. I understand that. Most Fallout enthusiasts wouldn't play the game if it didn't continue to use the V.A.T.S. system. On the other hand, most FPS's who also like RPG elements wouldn't play the game because of the same reason most people enjoy Fallout. Borderlands 1 and 2 are okay. It's just a grind to really find good weapons, and like Destiny, seems like that's all that it's about. I hate games where you have to shoot something hundreds of times for it to be killed, and if you go against people who play 24/7, they kill you in one shot, when you've already shot them in the head a couple of times with a weaker weapon. I mourn for WWII era FPS games.
  18. Think you mean Fallout 4. I never got into the Fallout series. It was never a true First-Person Shooter. I don't know if Fallout 4 will be a true FPS like Star Wars, but unless it is, I'll probably never play it. I always thought it funny they are making a Mad Max game after Borderlands, which seemed to be very much inspired by the Mad Max world.
  19. I think as long as they keep the pace of the movie the same as in A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back, it'll be good. The pace of Return of the Jedi and the prequels were really slow. They need to keep it as a space adventure, and not delve into the finer details of politics, historical societies, and other boring and pointless stuff. Those can be expanded in cartoons, games, and books. They also need to move away from the Rebellion vs The Empire. The Rebels won. Two Death Stars, the Emperor, and Darth Vader, the most powerful weapons and individuals in the galaxy are now gone. They need a new story with an even bigger threat. Instead, there's going to be the same old story, but with weaker threats.
  20. You're looking for a gaming + streaming and video editing system. You're kind of on the right track. First, a hexacore CPU will help immensely with video editing, encoding, and streaming, but the 5820K will need an X99 motherboard. The Z170X-Gaming 7 won't be compatible. Second, what resolution and FPS will you be streaming at? Third, take m.2 out of the equation. It is totally not needed for anything for your build. Fourth, I am assuming you game at 1080P at 60Hz refresh rate your monitor supports. No need for anything higher than a HD 290 or GTX 780. The higher up you go, it really won't help except for playing at the highest settings for newer games and more memory bandwidth for graphics mods if needed. Finally, are you going to overclock your CPU?
  21. This is gonna be flawed no matter what. My list is going to be the Top 10 games that I've enjoyed playing the most in my lifetime. There are going to be games that aren't in the list that I might have spent more hours playing (because of replay-ability factors of online multiplayer). For example, the most hours I've probably played for any game is League of Legends, but it's not going to be in my Top 10. Even games I didn't like all that much will be in my Top 10 games, mostly because of what I achieved in it, rather than me thinking it was the perfect game. Even games I think are the best Top 10 made games might not be in this list. Anyways, my list: 1. Chrono Trigger - The storyline, the characters, the artwork, the combinations of attacks, the music, the multiple endings. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this game, even after the umpteenth time replaying it just so I could see a specific ending. Of the hundreds and thousands of hours I've spent gaming over a span of 32 years, this game ranks among the top of the most enjoyable time I've ever had for a game. 2. Final Fantasy - The console RPG game that started it all. Finding every nook and cranny and beating the game multiple times with different character combinations. I even loved grinding for hours fighting ogres for experience and gold in order to make the rest of the way for the game easier. Even though Final Fantasy VIII is my favorite, this one makes my Top 10 list. 3. Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar - I played a lot of games on my old Commodore 64, but the most enjoyable was Ultima IV. It was the first RPG game that had the most epic of trials where you actually had to communicate with NPC's to get hints to find items and perform deeds that allowed you to become an Avatar. It was an amazing RPG for its time. 4. Ultima Online - The wild, wild, west of MMORPG games. The evolution of anti-griefing rules and lack of housing placements made me and my brother quit the game many times, only to continue again with my brother many times... just to quit again. Playing through the evolutionary process and exploiting the rules made the game fun to play. My brother and I reminisce about our adventures even to this day. 5. Star Wars Galaxies - I only played the game for the first 2 months, but it was like a 12 hour-a-day affair. I got so good, I was the best combat medic in all the servers in the entire galaxy. I made the best buffs and medkits anywhere, and people I never met before knew who I was and came looking for me for specific requests. I even taught people what resources to look for, and I would pay them to collect particular resources for me. I would save them for weeks until I had the best recipe to make the best stuff. I was a billionaire Wookie by the time I quit playing. I fought using poison and disease, defeating the every Imperial army in PVP by myself in battles. I could write a memoir about what I did. After succeeding in this game, it made me realize the potential of what I could do in real life. And from there, I went from making $12/hour to where I am now. 6. Medal of Honor: Allied Assault - I was always good at First-Person Shooters, but this game was where I was called a "hacker" and "cheater" all the time because I hardly ever died. I would just use a non-scoped rifle for kills, or just bash the entire enemy team only for kills. The most memorable Team Deathmatch ever (only 1 life per match), was when my friend who was also really good ended up on the opposing team. In the first minute, my team charged, and all my 13 teammates died, and it was 14 enemies against just me. I ended up killing every last one of them and won the match for us. That's how incredible I was at playing the game. 7. Call of Duty 2 - My FPS experience from MoHAA went to CoD2. I was also very good at this game, going for 102 kills and 2 deaths once, and 72 kills and 0 deaths in Team Deathmatch. I was recruited to play with my first clan, ever, and we won all of our clan matches. Also, single-player D-Day... that was intense! 8. Final Fantasy Legend - I actually played through this game just as much as the SNES version for Final Fantasy because I could carry my GameBoy everywhere, and on road trips. I loved Final Fantasy Legend 2, Final Fantasy Legend 3, and Final Fantasy Adventures, too, but this is what started it all for my love of portable RPG games. 9. Age of Empires II: The Conquerors - My first foray into competitive Real-Time Strategy games. I played WarCraft II and StarCraft, but strategy was never as diverse as AoC, in my opinion. My ability to play this game well started my career in Quality Assurance testing and playtesting video games for the start of my career. 10. Rise of Nations - Ever been the best player in the world at a game? That was me with this game. This was also the first game I playtested. I was hired to help play against the best Age of Empires players that were hired to playtest this game. They just wanted someone who was decent. I ended up beating anyone and everyone, whether for money or in tournaments I participated in. One story was one of the top players in AoE stated that he could beat anyone on our playtest team, and I said I'd only play to win for $50 a game. I beat him 2 out of 2. Easiest $100 I ever made. I stayed away from multiplayer for a year, just to see how everything developed as far as strategies. I came out of "retirement" to compete in a tournament. The top player at the time was a Japanese player who was so good, he beat everyone within 20 minutes. I just dragged the game out against him in the finals, and beat him 2 to 0. That prompted the developers to re-balance the game that I initially recommended before I left playtesting. I also created all the crazy variable strategies that also let me to create similar strategies in Age of Empires III.
  22. ^ Never make assumptions when troubleshooting.
  23. Not bad for an old fossil. Some videos of my matches from tonight. This one's just a bunch of highlights. This one's a boring match, but I avoid dying. 7 Kills, 0 Deaths. I was aiming for at least 10 kills, but I kept getting assists. I try to be a hero, and guess what happens? I die. 11 Kills, 1 Death.
  24. The Imperials did win... and wtf is Luke Skywalker doing out there using the Force? He hasn't even been trained, yet...
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