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  1. Windows 10 for my game systems now. Still lots of tweaks. Might be heading there on my main system, soon, then my photo and video editing systems.
  2. No game on earth will have more than 500 MB's to load for any particular level. The difference between a RAMDisk and SSD will be minimal for games. The rest of the time is the game itself, and from rendering.
  3. Any SSD will be much better than any HDD. The SanDisk Ultra II is $200 for 1TB. Great thing about dedicated game drives, is that you don't have to worry about the speed as much. RAMDisk is alright, no need for it. They did HDD because SSD would be like 7 to 8 seconds compared to the RAMDisk. I had a 32GB RAMDisk setup to try it, it really wasn't much faster than an SSD for games. For other things, yeah, games, no.
  4. So far, out of all the Avenger's single superhero movies, Captain America's have been the best. Can't wait for this one.
  5. Time to try it on my Windows 10 PC with two R9 290X's. Let's hope it doesn't fry the cards.
  6. What's your wireless router? Find out what the max speed it can go, and we can tell you what to look for.
  7. Where abouts do you live? I usually find some decent parts on Craigslist once in a blue moon, but mostly close to this time of year (due to Black Friday and Xmas). Otherwise, I usually get them from people with good Heatware (Overclock.net and [H]ard|Forum). Sometimes from here, too. Your wants: - 1080P gaming with above average FPS (assuming 60Hz is your target) - This will depend heavily on your graphics card. Some games will also depend on your CPU. Some recommendations: GTX 780, GTX 970, R9 290/290X - Sports, Racing, and RPG games don't really need a powerful graphics card. I sometimes play those games at highest settings allowed on my 60" Plasma HDTV (1080P) and all I'm using is a stock voltage overclocked GTX 950 2GB. In-game benchmarks for NBA2K14: Frame Rate: High Monitor: 1 Resolution: 1862 x 1048 Refresh Rate: 60 Window Mode: Off Vsync: Off Anti-Alisaing (MSAA): 8x Anti-Aliasing Quality: N/A Player: High Crowd Detail: High Sideline Characters: On Texture Quality: High Depth of Field: On Floor Relection: On NBA2K14 Benchmark FPS: 116 - Wired, your standard motherboard should do it, for wireless, most motherboards also have decent 802.11ac support. You can always get a better adapter, anyway (but at the extra cost). - Audiophile level sound, find a Creative Labs Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium HD for $60 and upgrade the op-amps for $10 and get a JDS Labs Objective 2 DIY kit for $59, and any of the headphones listed here in another thread, and you're in audiophile territory for around $250. - CPU-wise, your Phenom X4 9550 should still rock as far as your needs. Otherwise, find some used 2500K/3570K/4670K/4690K's for sale. Bought a 2500K a year ago for $80, and a 3570K for $100. I haven't needed to look since, but I'm sure there are still quite a bit out there. Hitting 4.6GHz easily, or 4.9GHz if I really want to push it to it's limit. Hope that helps.
  8. Maybe it has to do with the physics or forced V-Sync?
  9. If you really wanted to burn a hole in your pocket, (or ask Santa) get the ASUS ROG Swift PG279Q 165Hz 2560x1440 27-in IPS G-Sync Monitor. I have wet dreams just thinking about it.
  10. No, different bad CPU's have different symptoms. CPU's rarely go bad, it's usually the MB.
  11. No, because you haven't tried swapping. For you, you really have no choice because you don't have enough components to try swapping. It could be the motherboard, the CPU, or the PSU. It could also be the memory (unless you know for sure the memory sticks are good), and also the case (some short you're not aware of, but this is usually rare).
  12. Submit an RMA or return the motherboard. ASUS will give you a list of things to try (which you'll already have tried from this thread). Then they'll issue an RMA.
  13. At this point, I swap out a known good CPU, or try a known good MB, but not many people have those extra components. It also could potentially be the PSU. Swap out a known good PSU and see if that works. If the motherboard has diagnostics on it (most ASUS boards do), seeing what the error code says might help with troubleshooting.
  14. It could be a bad board (or 4770K). Next thing would be to remove the CPU and heatsink to check for bent pins and try reseating it.
  15. ^ Try a single stick of RAM. Your symptoms are usually because of an improperly inserted RAM module. Make sure you're putting it in the correct single RAM slot.
  16. Can be multiple things. Two simple things to do: 1. Try a different monitor. If that monitor works, it was the monitor you were using. 1a. Try the monitor that didn't work again. Ensure you select the input source properly. Maybe it's set to VGA instead of DVI-D or HDMI, or Auto, etc. 2. Remove the graphics card and use the iGPU connection through the motherboard. The default BIOS settings might be set to iGPU.
  17. Clock speed is king but cache ratio helps Yes it does, and so does making sure the memory isn't a factor limiting his CPU overclock.
  18. This is the equivalent of turning down $100 because the last $10 is soggy. It's still faster than PCIe, it's still better than a 3.5 GB card. Much ado about nothing. No, it's the equivalent of getting a 1TB SSD where after provisioning, if once 87.5% of the SSD is written to, the entire drive performs down to as much as 50% slower than advertised.
  19. There are plenty of reasons to like the GTX 970, especially the shorter length, along with it being cooler, and more efficient. The overclocks are also nice. Can't go wrong with either, but that last 0.5GB VRAM really, really irks me.
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