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  1. Originally, from an article: "Activision feels that Modern Warfare has taken on a life of its own, and as a result has become their main focus." Call of Duty makes more sense in the WWII era, and Modern Warfare shouldn't be included with Call of Duty, they are totally different as far as gameplay. Making money off a well established brand is a great marketing strategy, though it would be crazy to call a game placed in the future, i.e. 2100's and still call it Call of Duty: Future Warfare... but calling it just "Future Warfare" marks it as an entirely different beast.
  2. About 20% of the matches I connect to in MW2 (mostly Mercenary TD when going solo, or TD and CTF with friends) end up with laggy connections. I have a 20 Mb/s download, 2 Mb/s upload connection, so it's not me. I bridge my PS3 connection to my computer and upload UDP packets when it tries to find a new host, and I end up being the host 100% of the time, and friends I play with from across the country experience no lag when I'm the host. Before a match beings, MW2 seems to pick a random host. Once it finds a new host during the match, it seems to do a better job at picking a better host. There's no option not to join a game that's already in progress. I really, REALLY enjoy joining a game in progress where I join the losing team where the score is 6500 to 1200, and there's bombers, helicopters, etc. raining down on my spawn point (sarcasm). It's fun getting a loss in 30 seconds. Spawn points... I enjoy (sarcasm again) having a kill streak going and the enemy spawn points relocate to being directly behind me. It's nice that there's so many different guns, but only 2-3 are really ever used by one player that's any good. I'm no noob, my kill/loss is typically 25:0, 34:1, or on worst cases on a bad team, 5:1. Once I try using other guns out, my kill/loss ratio gets worse. MP gets monotonous. It would be nice to be able to use a different gun with different benefits/hindrances for different tactics... i.e. SMG's faster crawl and crouch speeds, Assault Rifles give less damage over certain distances (sniping is easier than using a sniper gun, especially with laggy connections), getting shot by a Sniper Rifle and not dying should knock a player down... etc.
  3. I actually got two 120mm Noctua fans for free from a friend, and since I have an SSD, I definitely noticed a difference in sound after replacing the 120mm Thermaltake fans I also got for free. It's so quiet...
  4. I'm a fan of the original CoD, CoD2 + expansions (on PC). CoD3 was noobish (360, but did not purchase), CoD4: MW1 was okay (360, but did not purchase), and CoD5: World at War (360, but did not purchase) and CoD 6: MW2 are okay (PS3, purchased). I was fired from Microsoft once by testing in a private lobby for a company I didn't like, but hated that company even more after that incident (Ensemble). All it takes is a big whig to not like what you're doing and you're gone. It didn't matter, I got hired by MS again, and am good now working at different companies (and Ensemble is now shut down). Those two will likely find a better job, and those who fired them might not regret their decision, but it will bite them in the butt, somehow. Especially if it was something trivial, or a general dislike of their attitude of what Activision is heading them towards. 1. MW2 sales have reached over 1 billion worldwide. It's not anything close to failure in sales. As a gamer and QA professional, it's close to failure in potential, balance issues, and support. 2. I never have, and never will, buy a DRM product. 3. The term "hardcore" gamers don't apply to the same group as 5-10 years ago, as games are now targeted to mainstream gamers and young teens that are starting to get into gaming.
  5. Wouldn't it be more like a 975 is a rebadged 970 that's a rebadged 965?
  6. No official review, but a thread at another site (sorry, I don't know if this is against the rules to post a link to another forum similar to OCC, so I'm not): 45nm, not 35nm, x22 multi with turbo enabled. Good CPU's were able to run 4.2 GHz stable at 1.325 Vcore. Another had 4.0 GHz at 1.15 Vcore.
  7. Selling for $249.99. http://www.microcenter.com/single_product_...duct_id=0331303 The i7 920's are still selling for $199.99. I wonder what the extra $50 price point gives you? There hasn't been any overclocking reviews on it that I've seen.
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