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  1. terrible framerate, something to do with the NPCs. Whenever there is more than 3 or so my frames drop to the high teens, its ridiculous, havent encountered any glitches as of yet.
  2. i want this . Curse my superman like immune system!
  3. game runs pretty bad to say the least, so far its pretty good, more interesting than fallout 3 IMO
  4. i just usually have one of the keys die out but i just need to replug it
  5. if it was me being bullied i wouldnt kill myself, just the bullies. its very sad that people have to worry about their own children at school.
  6. select download location to ukraine, such win
  7. you need to have everyone loyal, send the right people to do the tasks and upgrade your ship
  8. bam http://www.ozone3d.net/benchmarks/furmark_score_180.php?id=3cb38c5470ab67d8a857323ded2db0bc
  9. the biggest open worlds i have seen are Just cause 2 being the biggest then Farcry 2, then theres alot of other like fallout 3 or the stalker series check the right side of the image, it list some bigger ones
  10. i wish i could see bodom, last time they were touring in the US the guitarist broke his arm and they canceled before they got to Texas
  11. Dirt 2, Grid. awesome games, are you just talking about PC?
  12. i got it mounted on my amd but i have all of the intel parts in the box, it supports 1366 1156 775
  13. im going to get a water cooling loop for my main rig so im moving my H50 to my secondary, so i am looking to part ways with my cooler This thing is a beast. i have like 23 idle and 35 load on a PII X3 720 clocked at 3.4 Ghz im asking 55 shipped to the continental US
  14. i guess i could do a money order if someone would rather do that
  15. ok ill try it out with 3 first how does this combination loo to you guys Rad http://www.frozencpu.com/products/8523/ex-rad-146/XSPC_RX360_Triple_120mm_Radiator.html?id=HF7TK2ra&mv_pc=397#blank CPU block http://www.frozencpu.com/products/10331/ex-blc-720/EK_Supreme_HF_Universal_CPU_Liquid_Cooling_Block_-_Nickel_Acetal_Sockets_775_1156_1366_939_940_754_AM2_AM2_AM3.html?id=HF7TK2ra&mv_pc=3277 GPU block http://www.frozencpu.com/products/10048/ex-blc-699/EK_Radeon_HD_5970_VGA_Liquid_Cooling_Block_-_Acetal_EK-FC5970-Acetal.html?id=HF7TK2ra&mv_pc=3281 Pump http://www.frozencpu.com/products/10919/ex-pmp-99/EK_D5_X-Top_Acetal_Pump_Top_Rev_2_-_White_Acetal_-_Laing_D5_and_Swiftech_MCP-650655.html?id=HF7TK2ra&mv_pc=3278 Res http://www.frozencpu.com/products/8336/ex-res-144/Swiftech_MCRES_Micro_Rev_2_Small_Form_Factor_High-Flow_Reservoir_12_ID_and_38_ID.html?id=HF7TK2ra&mv_pc=3280 im still unsure about the other stuff
  16. cool i was looking at this radiator http://www.frozencpu.com/products/8523/ex-rad-146/XSPC_RX360_Triple_120mm_Radiator.html would you guys say i need 3 or 6 fans for it. i already have two scythe gentle typhoons and i think im going with those for the radiator.
  17. yep i got a reference 5970, im just hoping to have a more silent system and to hopefully get my CPU to 4.0 i hope its not going to cost me 500 but if i have to. . . .
  18. Hello experts in watercooling . Over the past few months i have been growing ever so curious about watercooling, and i think i am about ready to go for it. My question is; what kind of setup would i need to cool a PII 965 and a 5970? i was hoping to get my cpu to 4.0 GHZ but i hit the wall at 3.8, im pushing 59 degrees and i dont want to fry this thing lol. i was wondering if it were possible to cool both my 5970 and my cpu with a single loop. i have a HAF 932 so i can stick a 360 rad no problem up top. i know that its going to cost me a pretty penny but i am willing to spend up to 500 or so to get it done. thanks for the advice
  19. Still looking to sell im dropping it to 90 bucks
  20. i might be wrong but as far as 890fx chipsests go. there are none that support SLI
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