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  1. what setting and resolution do you have running compared to your friends?
  2. probably simpler to sleeve those attached cables IMO, you never know when you might need some extra pci cables. but if you are going to open the thing up i guess you might as well
  3. ive been getting kicked by pb more often now -_-. and i feel like its laggier than before
  4. nothing on eset, im going to see what that file does
  5. wont let me do that in the "my games" folder i found some files inside the "program data" folder looks like its the whole game but its under a weird folder thats name seems like a serial number
  6. the only things left are the saves which were under my games, the game was under my program files, inside the crytek folder along with crysis. the only thing i find is when i go to "my games" and there is a unidentified filed named"Crysis Warhead" i cant even right click on it. i tried to uninstall the game but it tells me that the "unninstaller is already running"
  7. looks like the game is completelly gone from where i installed it. whats going on?!
  8. what antivirus do you recomend?
  9. yay they fixed the FOV when aiming and the revive invincibility. but still no fix for crossfire? ive been stuck with 10.5 because of this game
  10. Shadowtroop

    wtf CRYSIS?!

    hey guys i have a weird problem, my Crysis Warhead seems to have been corrupted, i played the game a few days ago and it was just fine, im not sure but i might have crashed due to testing my overclock. now that i try to launch the game again the .exe file has been changed to some other format and i cant even uninstall the game from the control panel. anybody have any idea on how to fix this?
  11. sounds good have fun lugging the case downstairs or pulling out the tubing
  12. seems to me like there is a graph broken in the just cause 2 page
  13. i would say its a great kit to begin with, if you end up enjoying the experience then you can move up to a custom loop. i was going to get that kit but i wanted to cool my video card as well
  14. hey dude if you really want to go with a good water cooling starter setup i would go with this http://www.frozencpu.com/products/11743/ex-wat-159/XSPC_Rasa_750_RS240_Universal_CPU_Water_Cooling_Kit_Hot_Item.html?tl=g30c321s1310 its quite cheacp and ive heard good things
  15. i saw 30 seconds, im not wasting my time with that
  16. they dont have to work there. . . .
  17. yep i would say a custom loop is better. to cool your mobo and chipset might cost you a pretty penny, whats your budget
  18. Shadowtroop

    Gran Turismo 5

    i cant wait to get my copy on 2012
  19. i sometimes get vertigo playing pc games, might be because i have my feet up on the supports of the desks. i used to get airsick while playing Crackdown. i would jump off the highest building in the game and it would make my stomach turn, very weird
  20. i noticed they used a few tracks from fallout 1, its a nice touch
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