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  1. ohnoz its going to fizz up the liquid! i imagine thats pretty noisy
  2. i have both and what i dont like about the M4A is that the top PCI-E slot is X8 whereas the bottom one is X16 so if you arent going to crossfire, you have to put your one card in the bottom slot. EDIT: i have the 890GX DERP little bit different on this case ^^ also the crosshair has really good integrated audio and it just looks sexy as hell
  3. the HAF series is great but a little on the ugly side, my next build is going to be either a silverstone tj-07 or a corsair 800d
  4. you think 10 years would have been enough time
  5. just bought it and theres already an update??
  6. ohh my these 10.11s dont let me go avobe 220 frames
  7. your HAF x has sufficient room for a internal mounted radiator 1/2 inch tubing is what most people tent to use, i use 7/16 very close to it and its not too big i would recomend just using distilled water and PTnuke/killcoil you shouldnt have to refill it if you dont have leaks, after the first week of getting out the air bubbles you should be good to go
  8. ive had 2 corsair PSUs , i am very happy with both, wont buy another brand ever
  9. scythe gentle typhoons get the 1850 rpms for 15 bucks. if you can find them in stock http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835185092&cm_re=gentletyphoon_120mm-_-35-185-092-_-Product they are cheaper in other e-retailers
  10. have you had a crack at heaven or crysis yet?
  11. sounds about right with my score of 18.4k lol now i can rest knowing why it is i couldnt reach you
  12. yea, kinda jaggy, but its seems that i have adjusted to it now lol.
  13. heres my tv http://www2.panasonic.com/consumer-electronics/shop/Televisions/All-VIERA-Flat-Panel-HDTVs/model.TC-L42D2.O_11002_7000000000000005702#tabsection should be 16:9 1080p, im getting used to the setting anyways i think ill leave it as is
  14. use the AA in the game if it has it. AF isnt even that important, with your resolution 8xAA is already pushing it. i once forced AF on Mass effect and it killed my frames, and thats saying alot
  15. ok so i checked the manual and if i were to use a vga cable i could use the PC channel in my tv but that does not allow a res of 1920x1080. and the PC channel is the only one that allows certain settings like clock phase and manual resolutiion. am i fudged?
  16. hey guys i just recently bought myself a 42 inch Panasonic Viera LED, and i love it, games on my 360/ps3 are amazing, but i want to use it as my pc monitor. the thing is that it looks like poo. i bought myself a DVI/HDMI cable because my 5970 has no HDMI out. resolution is set to 1920x1080 but the thing is that i have borders all around the screen. about half an inch all around and i think its making my picture warped. I see alot of ugly unsharp text etc. any tips on how to set it up? should i have use the mini display port instead?
  17. if you have problems with avp and just cause 2 then something is wrong with your settings, i can run both of those games with 60+ fps at all times, metro is just a hog IMO
  18. trifire scaling is pretty bad, alot of games might not even support it, and yes the heat would be ridiculous
  19. i noticed that games are more demanding as well, i would do a furmark for a full hour and it would run stable, but 2 minutes into metro 2033 or crysis and its back to the drawing board
  20. i would like to know what are your preferred methods of overclocking and finding a stable setting for your GPUs. i usually start with setting the clocks on Afterburner, then i hit it with some Furmark to see if it last a while, i then use heaven 2.1 for about an hour or so. then i just play my favorite game and see if it lasts. Then repeat.
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