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  1. lol ,best Christmas song ever
  2. thats nothing i actually
  3. if you are going to be gaming at 1600x900 why not go with a 6950? its competitive with the GTX570 and is 50 bucks cheaper
  4. insane good, i was honestly expecting to see the 6970 at 450$ at the very least. ever since i saw the 6870 at 250$ versus the 5770 which launched at around 199$
  5. Am i buggin or is a 6970 375$ on newegg? because that is insane IMO
  6. nzxt phantom looks great, has an intergrated fan controller, good airflow.
  7. lol that was about a year ago so maybe they had 570 in their inventory for a whole year
  8. Scythe Gentle typhoons 1850 rpm versions, strong and quiet
  9. tha fudge?! i thought Circuit City went under, i guess it was just my local store
  10. well for starters i have a HAF 932 as well and the watercooling itself cost me about 400-500 bucks so just make sure you have the money set out for it one thing i would suggest on the video cards, i recommend you stick with a single card so you dont have to pay extra, my single 5970s block cost 145 versus 220ish for two 5870 blocks. maybe you should wait for the 6990? im not exactly an expert but if you arent using a radiator based watercooling system then thats probably phase change or something that i have no idea about i think watercooling is your best bet for 24/7 use i dont have alot of experience with the bay controllers but my NZXT sentry LX is pretty awesome, it hast temp probes that seem pretty acurate (havent used them personally, makes the case look messy)
  11. ohhh my, i want it NOW
  12. mine locked up just before loading the combined test -_-
  13. have you checked out the Saitek eclipse? http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16823175006&cm_re=saitek_eclipse-_-23-175-006-_-Product
  14. do they smoke around you. maybe you could tell them you dont feel comfortable when they smoke near you, might give them a clue. i am a mild smoker (pack every 2 weeks) but i dont like to smoke near my friends
  15. true, there is a gain in performance but it is not as dramatic as the jump from 1X to 2X, but its still a decent gain. if the OP does not have a 2560x1600 or a multi-monitor setup, it just seems more logical to get a single card
  16. looks like most of those games had very little gains from going dual SLI to tri-SLI
  17. have you exhausted all of the game modes, or atleast give them a try? i love playing wager matches, gungame especially. Just watching the noobs rage when i bring them down a gun with my knife is hilarious
  18. i like my 932, its very good for what you pay for. Great airflow and water cooling friendly. the CM 690 also looks good, not too sure about the armour tbh. My buddy has one ands its a heavy monstrosity XD
  19. nope, runs as good as MW2 nowadays
  20. not really into this music but this album caught my eye http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzFt3WjJDu0&feature=related
  21. so ive been going back to the game. Mainly to finish up the SP, and i kept on hard crashing, so i turned off catalyst AI and it ran like a charm . Vietnam cant come soon enough
  22. thats a great deal, i payed 130ish :/ sounds like you are good to go for either combination
  23. Tri-sli sounds like a pain in the butt, most games might have conflicts etc. single card solution imo
  24. what kind of power supply do you have, im not too sure but i think that 5870s are more power hungry, so thats something to consider
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