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  1. you lost me at jumper , nope these settings were perfectly fine before i turned her off, then when i plug it back in BAM bus speed 216, memory at 1400 something
  2. so i took apart my rig a few days ago because i was going to change my loop, and when i put it together my 965 jumped from 3.8 tho 4.11 ghz?!?! seems that the bus speed was changed only but i find it weird that it happened at all, i have the settings in my bios to manual so nothing in there should be the culprit anybody have any idea why this could happen? and no it was not even a successful OC, i crashed playing LoL
  3. ive noticed way to many spam bots lately, someone is on attack mode dosent that catchpa stuff stop alot of spambots?
  4. bam http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811146062
  5. thats why i never overclock my pickles, they just become too unstable
  6. i loled multiple times. does that make me a bad person?
  7. gta iv performs exactly the same on max setting with both my 5970 and 5770 WTF!
  8. if its anything like the formula, it should be under the "Extreme Tweaker" tab just change the setting to manual i believe and it allows you to change the multiplier or bus speed
  9. how about a my 5970 vs your 580? i want to see what the differences are
  10. i feel you man, i had my brush with death too
  11. this camera has a macro mode so i just did that, looks pretty neat.
  12. ok heres some pics, im not exactly an expert on photography so this is just auto settings for both (macro enabled on the first shot)
  13. not too sure about shutter lag but picture quality is pretty good, ill try to post some pics
  14. i just bought the Nikon Coolpix s8100, its a great camera, can record in 1080p so thats a plus, has a nice big screen for reviewing pics
  15. these NZXT sleeved cables are nice, if you dont mind extensions http://www.nzxt.com/new/products/premium_cables/cb_24p
  16. well you can buy sleeving in that same site, its quite expensive but its considered to be the best quality sleeving around i bought some and i was pleased
  17. i would say 6970, 200 bucks isnt worth the gains in performance for the 580
  18. if you arent afraid of modding your case you could probably fit a 240 or 280 rad in the bottom, would be alot simpler to have 2 rads as opposed to 3
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