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  1. lol, its time consuming but it looks alot neater imo. its better when dealing with round stuff, but you did a good job with the lasso, i cant even see any bends
  2. why not render out the car with the pen tool?
  3. i used shazam and it gave me something completely different -_-
  4. very nice guide, great job on the heatsinks being nice and even. But i dont understand why you went as far as cutting and reapplying connector pins. nvm it looks like these were made from scratch o.O
  5. iPads sell like hotcakes, dosent mean they are good things. So no the best things dont always sell out explain how the 6990 looks like cheap plastic, if its anything like my 5970 then its just fine
  6. did you ever try using the hotkeys for crysis one? if you press crouch twice quicly it would turn to stealth, shift twice it would go to speed, melee twice and it would go into strength. i realized that only after my second play-through and it makes the game so much more dynamic than having to use the radial menu. all in all i thing both games had good suit controls, with crysis 2 with the edge on the passive controls
  7. The story isnt as plain as nyt made it out to be, theres a few connections to the past games which i found interesting, alot of drama as well, imo its better than crysis 1 and warheads story and definetly better than most shooters. i just wish that nomad and phsyco would make an appearance
  8. i was dissapointed at first because i thought that they left out some of the suit capabilities. turns out the most are still there, like i just realized that if you hold shift you can stabilize your shooting just like strength mode in the first game. and i think that making strength and speed more of a passive mode makes more sense. i used to hate switching from power to speed in crysis 1, but now its more streamlined with all the features still intact.
  9. the game is awesome, too bad that i cant use my 5970 at its full potential. I have to turn off AI in order to have it playable . i still get 50+ frames so its all good
  10. you don't have to de-rivet your case, i got away painting mine without disassembling mine. i painted mine black and it looked good, the only unpainted parts werent noticeable. as for the side panel, ive seen people take a dremmel to their panels and make some nice windows, me i just bought a piece of plexi-glass and cut it to the size of the panel.
  11. crysis2 and black hawk down combined, it was pretty cool, action scenes were pretty good and the acting was good for an action movie
  12. holy jesus, you sure you have the heatsink on correctly? im sure that if you keep it like this, it will kill your processor soon you should keep you cpu under 58ish IMO,
  13. i thought that the PC demo was a port of the 360 demo, but the game will not be a port. i sure hope so.
  14. i actually like the prequels , well episode one sucked but they picked up afterwards. as far as worst trilogy ,Tremors, but they were so bad it was good
  15. the only reason i go for an ipod as opposed to a zune or something else is convenience, i already have all my stuff in iTunes.
  16. the corsair graphite and the tempest evo get my vote
  17. anyway, looks like a good deal, i would go with bigger name brand but thats my opinion, should rund the cards fine
  18. its at 23 degrees ATM in Central texas, its been the coldest since ive been here. loving it
  19. i used to be a pack every two weeks, now its about a pack a week
  20. well i rebootet and changed my settings back to my normal, so far so good
  21. i dont remember pressing that but who knows, i did alot of stuff this week with that board. thanks for the help guys
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