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  1. this whole album rocks my socks off
  2. are you looking to stream as well or just record? if you want to stream i would give Xsplit a shot, if you are just interested in recording and taking a screenshot here and there FRAPS is your best friend
  3. something like this? might be a repost but its good stuff
  4. Shadowtroop

    Gamer - Defined

    i think people are getting too worked up on the definition of a "gamer". If you play mobile games and ignore core games then more power to you and vice versa. ever since the influx of iphone/droid games, core gamers feel like they are being invaded, its pretty much the same argument for pc/ console arguments. i like to play to escape life and live in a different world, some people play for competition, some play to kill time and its all fine. but i also understand the frustration, its kind of like if your hobby was modeling cars, and then some company comes up with these new kits that are like 75% complete, then these "noobs" start to claiming they are on the same level as you. all in all, these mobile games will at most be flavors of the month and be forgotten in a year, whereas a truly great game with depth and stuff will last decades or more
  5. Shadowtroop

    Gamer - Defined

    is this a top 100 of all time or of the last 5 years or so? because if its for all time it is not a very good list
  6. im broke as a joke atm so im just gonna cry for a while
  7. holy crap batman! this game is unplayable for me now. the texture pack puts my computer resources like at 3.85 out of 4 gigs, constant lock ups for like 10 seconds at a time. also looks like the new patch isnt getting along with my catalyst settings sigh i guess i wont be replaying this
  8. i rather not play on the hardest difficulty until after i beat the game on medium, i rather enjoy myself as far as single-player goes
  9. dat tank level, besides the hilarious framerate dip when the guy was reloading a shell it looked perfect
  10. Shadowtroop

    Mass Effect 3

    Dat omni tool blade
  11. thats looks awesome im getting more of a cylon vibe from the front bezel though.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BfiTRrjnM8Q&feature=related not sure if posted already this one had a bad word in the tittle
  13. "next week on Combat Facts, Dolphin diving, does it really work?"
  14. i just finished watching Battlestar Galactica (new one) and it was pretty aswesome also ; Spartacus Sons of Anarchy all of these are pretty good imo
  15. well i found the culprit, looks like changing the color properties (gamma, brightness ETC) for the desktop displays creates a conflict when trying to play a game, thats what made the flickering. It looked like the screen was rapidly switching from deafults to my custom settings.
  16. i tried 10.6-9 and they all sucked terribly for crossfire stability, especially in bad company 2 then i tried 11.5 and it worked for a while then i started to get this weird blinking effect in all my games ill try 11.4 soon and see how that does
  17. well i am using an ati dual gpu so never . . . . . i just tried 11.5 yesterday and just like i expected. back to 10.5 -_-
  18. yea thats def true but half of the games on my list i could care less for at full price, so it looks to me like the daily "deals" are gonna bite me in the butt i guess i have "i cant afford not to buy it!" mentality
  19. AVP Amnesia Bioshock Deus ex 1 and 2 TES IV Oblivion Fallout 1 Flotilla Flatout UC half life 2 EP 2 Just cause 2 Kings Bounty games Mafia 1 Magika Mirrors edge Need for speed Hot Pursuit Need for Speed Shift Overlord 1 and 2 Stalker SOC and Pripryat Civilization V Jedi Outcast KOTOR Splinter cell Conviction Tropico Trine Warhammer 40k DOW 2 Wings of prey The witcher im not sure why but does being a PC gamer mean you cant finish your games? when i played on my xbox and PS3 exclusively i never left my games unfinished, now i just keep expanding the list
  20. i think those murdermods go for like one grand brand new last time i checked was about 6 months ago. sounds like a great bargain, besides the TJ07s very few cases fit 480 rad, there is also little devil cases and and a corsair 800d with some modding done.
  21. i tried to get into dubstep but im not really finding much that i like.the few songs i like do are more drumstep. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcXUByC24w8&feature=fl_lolz&playnext=1&list=FL0_Y060PVcTY
  22. Broke the passenger mirror twice backing out of the garage forgot to put it in park and it rolled down the driveway once backed into a light pole at wal mart once. everyone does stupid stuff with their first car
  23. i still drive my first car Dodge ram 1500 5.7 litter v8 i think ill keep my baby till the wheels fall off
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