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  1. Motorstorm games are a good choice, maybe a sports game if the kid has interest in that.
  2. yeah im not happy wih this keyboard or with Razer in general. their stuff looks slick but its not built to last. my deathadder has been having double click issues lately.
  3. so i went ahead and did a memtest and it seemed to work fine. i did if for like 15 mins. should i do it for longer i also have bluescreen viewer and i have gotten various error codes 0x00000116 0x0000001e 0x0000003b those are the 3 most recent. im thinking of updating my crosshair iv but ive never done a bios update before and im worried that if my mobo has nothing to do with these problems then ill just make it worse.
  4. i have a razer lycossa i love the keyboard but i hate how it bugs out in the middle of a game and i have to unplug/plug it back in
  5. The error code 0x0000003b which i was getting lead to either bad drivers or bad seatting of hardware, i know its not bad drivers, this is a fresh install, i reseated my components so ill let you guys know if that did the trick. if that fails ill try memtest
  6. as far as overheating i really doubt thats the case, i have my VC and CPU watercooled and they never go above 45 C i also monitored my other hardware like NB SB and RAM while playing a game and they were all at acceptable temps Before i formated my computer i had 2 BSODs that werent in League of Legends afterwards i have had 2 in LoL and none outside of it. have put like 10 hours into skyrim and 10 into tropico, and like 8 in LoL
  7. sweet prizes as always, thanks for the opportunity.
  8. So i went ahead and reformatted my computer. set my hardware to stock settings and i am still getting BSODs. i looked around the LoL forums and it seems like im not alone in this. is it possible that the unstability of one game could cause my rig to crash in a nother game?
  9. the real evil here is the thalmor. i tend to kill all the thalmor agents i see. as for a side, i have yet to chose.
  10. so i installed my good old drivers and it was good for a while but i gont into the lobby for COD and it took me to the desktop and a notification saying my display driver stopped working. when i clicked to restore the game it crashed again . i also did the system file checker and it didnt report any errors. any more ideas?
  11. if this is the case what should i do? and when i said once a month it was once a month at max, sometimes i would not see a BSOD for a few months(2-3)
  12. im going to revert to my favorite old drivers and ill report what i get
  13. hi guys, ive been getting very frequent BSODs the last couple of weeks and i am worried about what it could be. the most common time that i get them is when i am in the loading screen of league of legends. usually about halfway into my load the screen bugs out and a BSOD shortly after. this isnt only time it BSODs , it crashed once in game and once loading skyrim. and once in a lobby of Call of Duty. but by far the most frequent are in LoL with about 10 this week My rig has been stable for the last year or so since i was satisfied with my clocks. i used to get a BSOD once a month up until now. the only thing i have made changes to is my drivers a few months back to play BF3. could that be the problem? Edit; Also there have been a few times where the game CTDs and i get a message saying that my display drivers have stopped working. does this sound like a hardware issue or a software issue?
  14. looks like the devs might have something big on the horizon. if you noclip past the borders, the whole continent seems to be there http://ppsh-41.tumblr.com/post/13145143504/entire-tamriel-landmass-built-into-skyrim
  15. I ran into the most annoying bug ever . if anyone happens to find the Elemental fury shout dont bother using it. its supposed to enchant your weapon for a while but it is bugged out. as soon as you enchant it is does this whooshing sound which is supposed to stop after a while. Mine never stopped whooshing. unequipping does nothing at all. i really hope this is patched asap. heres a vid i found http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t1g0pWVs9fs
  16. try taking off all of your clothes. i tried to sneak into someones house but i was wearing heavy armor and it always woke them up. There is a quest you can do to get rid of vampirism, or you could turn into a werewolf and cancel it out. heres a guide on curing vampirism http://www.gamefront.com/skyrim-how-to-cure-vampirism/
  17. i play in 1st when in combat, but in between i like to play in 3rd because of the nice scenery and because of the scary dungeons :/
  18. So i found a cure for vampirism, i was doing the quest and as i walked into morthal as a vampire in the sunlight a dragon attacked the town. this is the worst possible timing ever as a vampire. it was a fire breathing dragon so I'm taking extra damage i cant regenerate health/stamina/magika. i ended up having to load to before i went into the town. found my cure and slayed the dragon . im so glad i didnt have to abandon my character. the whole vampire experience was just creepy and frustrating.
  19. Nord Warrior, im working on heavy armor, blocking, and one handed primarily. I also like to use my bow for hunting . i tried two handed wapons and dual weilding axes/maces but it just isnt effective in the defense department.
  20. well thats just dandy, i ran into some vampires and i killed them but i am now a vampire. not even a warning . now i have to do some evil things to become human again
  21. i love how someone gave it a 50/100 just so they can stir things up and get hits . i just bought the game and im about half way through and its great. its what you would expect but it feels a bit more serious than the last two games.
  22. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9ZmXTVexpFc&feature=feedlik
  23. *waits patiently for Netfilx stream* Love the show, I dont have cable so i rely on netflix to watch TV shows, and AMC has all their top shows for stream
  24. how much ram is the game takin gup for you guys?. i tried to max out the game and it worked fine but after a few minutes i started having these terrible lock ups.
  25. Rise of the Planet of The Apes. maybe it wasnt an action blockbuster but i like it way better than most summer movies
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