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  1. i like my 16:10, i have noticed that some games are now native on 16:9 though. Mirrors edge cuts off the top and bottom of my screen and i find it kindof annoying
  2. Shadowtroop

    Metro 2033

    i bought this game and let me tell you that it looks amazing with max settings on DX11. But when the action starts, its unplayable, this game is insanely demanding
  3. idk about that i used the AK-74 and the UMP-45 and they are nothing compared to an XM8, the 40mm grenades come in handy as well PS. does anyone else get sent to the desktop if they press caps lock? it really makes me mad when im in the zone and i get killed because i accidentally tap the caps lock instead of shift or tab
  4. WOW i just recently transitioned from an engineer to the assault class, the engineers weapons are so weak compared to the assault rifles.
  5. i have an XFX 5770 and it has served me very well so far. Ive had it for like 3 months. The only issue i have with it so far is that overclocking it gives me issues but that might just be my noobness
  6. yep besides the constant crashing and a few nitpicks (laggy players list, slow server list) i think its one of the best multiplayer games i have played in a while
  7. i have an XFX5770, and AMD Phenom II X3 720~3.4GHz, i also had alot of crashes during the beta
  8. wow i am amazed at how good this game is, its too bad i keep crashing, i BSOD'd twice and i crached out of the game like 4 times now, is anybody else experiencing this?
  9. Shadowtroop

    Hello all!

    Hi everyone, i have recently been introduced to the wonderful world of PC gaming and OCing, i thought this would be a great site to learn more. i enjoy reading the reviews and the threads on this site, very helpful. i currently have my AMD X3 720 at 3.4 but i want to see what it can do.
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