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  1. i think that did it. thanks everyone
  2. well ladies and gents, looks like i killed my card or at least ii think i did. seems like it wont load textures in my games. sometimes its the gun models sometimes its the clothing, its random. i popped in my trusty 5770 to make sure it was the card and it was heres some pics of the 5770 and with the 5970 is this what happens when a video card fails?
  3. how does one make a thread invisible?
  4. you mean as far as power? money not being a factor? probably the sapphire 5970 or that new xfx BE 5970
  5. thats just a block, or maybe its the tinyest loop in the history of ever
  6. What is your favorite music from a game? It doesn't have to be written for the game, just music in-game that make you say "Awesome" From the best game ever http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ljiZ1mw_aU http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RoOarRix6Q Sorry if its in the wrong section, is this music or games? idk lol
  7. yea i thought it was pretty funny that wrex searched up human stuff like sharks and dinosaurs
  8. Shadowtroop

    Crysis Mods

    you gotta love that car
  9. i just finished the lair of the shadowbroker. It was pretty awesome, and i was glad to see liara as your squadmate again. its my favorite DLC so far
  10. mk so i made an account with Futuremark finally http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.php?showtopic=178030&view=findpost&p=1846167 can you guys see that?
  11. something like 5 on the weekday and 10 on the weekend
  12. Shadowtroop


    i just saw the gameplay video and i like it
  13. hey guys is my entry valid? http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.php?showtopic=178030&view=findpost&p=1846167
  14. ok here goes mine http://service.futuremark.com/resultAnalyzer.action?resultId=14597293&resultType=14
  15. Are you looking for quiet case fans, or not so quiet/better airflow case fans?
  16. i wish someone would use an AMD cpu so i can compare it to my H50
  17. is it worth buying even though i have an H50?
  18. i think it might be Furmark, i will run the program and only get like 13.5 K, then i close it and open it and it shoots up to 16.5 K
  19. HAHA good stuff, seems highly unlikely thankfully
  20. i suppose that is true, i really cant explain why i overclock my CPU, i havent noticed a boost in gaming where it counts for me. But i still enjoy it, maybe seeing how far i can take my hard earned goods
  21. No sir, after seeing how evil she became ITS OVER, she was cool when she was innocent
  22. So i was digging around and i found this article about overclocking and how to do it, its not exactly thorough or in depth but what i found most interesting was the comments section http://digg.com/hardware/How_To_Overclock_The_Ultimate_Overclocking_Guide Basically alot of what i saw was that overclocking is not what it used to be and that overclocking is basically irrelevant now. I am fairly new to overclocking and PC gaming so i dont have much insight but what do you guys think?
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